Another wave of hate incoming!!

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned another round of storms are headed for south-east Queensland, including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay region. These items are stored in PST files utilized by Outlook. You can transfer PST files from one computer to another, but if you just copy and paste the main PST file you will get everything including contacts and emails. You can export your calendar items in a separate PST file, to eliminate transferring unnecessary information or data.

2022.01.23 06:12 Sgtk325 Another wave of hate incoming!!

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2022.01.23 06:12 CubilasDotCom Aria Studiotrack R504 IIII vs IV?

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2022.01.23 06:12 ellothere1204 Portions excluded in d&f block

What are the portions excluded in d&f block.
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2022.01.23 06:12 mitchcoob Boba Fett, Me, Digital, 2022

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2022.01.23 06:12 Ahmadibybirth The Interesting Number Game

The Interesting Number Game with proofs.
How big is any religion or any Jamat and how fast it is growing . Can be easily found by the number of adherents of this religion and the number of new people joining it and how fast people are converting to this religion or Jamat. Different groups claim around the world these numbers as evidence of their growth and popularity. — —Why is it important to announce numbers? This race of numbers is centuries old in different religions and sects. Which religion is the biggest and which is the smallest? Which is number one and which is number two. It is also measured by the number of adherents of these religions. Therefore, a Jamat announces the number of new entrants within it in order to gauge how fast the party is developing. And the amount of funds and financial support people are giving to the party. With its help, the Jamat is on the path of success . people are joining this Jamat believing the truth. Which is also a proof of truth and success.
——Now the question arises, does any Jamat make false claims about numbers? Yes. Every Jamat / sect that wants to show its strength and progress. They exaggerate their numbers in order to maintain their dominance over their followers and opponents. ——-What difference does it make? ? Since the growth of a party is determined by the number of new converts. So the party proves its success and attracts more financial sacrifices. And the believers of this group are convinced that their wealth is going to the right place for the sake of Allah. Believers get more emotional. And the echo of the slogan Takbir is heard everywhere. Which, of course, sounds like they are winning the battle. Is Jamaat ( our ) also involved in this race of numbers and misrepresents the statistics? Before making that decision, let's take a look at some of the statistics that have been announced by the central leadership in recent years.
When we take a closer look at these 13 years, very surprising information comes to light. 1- This race started in 1993 2- The target was doubled every year and it was successfully announced. And new people would double every year to join. 2- In the year 2000 this number reached to 40 million who joined the Jamat in one year. 8 crore milestone was crossed in 2001 (80 million) —-Now the return journey. Surprisingly, next year there is a 75% reduction and new people are added 20 million in a year. 2003 is reduced by 96% and involves 5-6 hundred thousand people only. ۔ 2003 and 2004 converts were 300000 only. No comparison between 80 million and 0.3 million. ۔. If I make a rough calculation, 0.4% of 80 million is 300,000. Was it a joke? Yes because there was no internet but Nara e Takbeer was there.
If we talk about the total, it becomes more than 160 million in these 13 years.
Remember that this total is only 16 years old. And that is when the population of Pakistan was around 160 million. Which has increased to 220 million today. After that, the Jamaat is continuing this race at a speed of less than -99%, an example of the progress that we saw between 1993-2005.
If the statistics of these 13 years are taken as true, then the result is that the leadership has changed and the Jamat has stopped Growing. Still the slogan Takbir. And it was said that a lot of progress is being made. And the Pakistani uncles and aunts claim they saw the success with their own eyes. ا
——-If it is considered a lie. So you got the answer. Its a lie. Reference is 03-08-2005 alfazal… i am attaching it also
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2022.01.23 06:12 conscious-asian-male Asian Male Dating Story (How I Hope To Meet Your Mother - Asian Version)

Hey everyone, I am planning to write more about my dating journey and story as an Asian male. I'm trying to do this in a publication I'll title: "How I hope To Meet Your Mother (The Asian version)." I would love for your input and thoughts on this!
Here's a little bit about me. I'm an Asian male, in his late 20s, and one of the things I wanted to do this New Years was start to write more.
Here is the first blurb of my story:
Who Am I?
I’m writing anonymously in the hopes that I can share my thoughts to the truest of their extents. This is my story of how I want to meet my future kid’s mother (whether they exist or not at all). It’s told to the truest extent that I can capture it based on my own stories and experiences. It will be filled with my dating journey and stories. All the names used in this story (and maybe some places) are more or less anonymized.
First, I want to share with you where this story starts by introducing myself to those who are interested as I try to follow my journey. I’m an Asian male, in his late 20s, roughly around 5'6 (give or take 1 inch if that matters because I know it does matter to people). I was not born in the United States, but for the most part, I speak perfect English with little accent so most people wouldn’t be able to tell I’m not born in the U.S. I’m a software engineer — a pretty decent one objectively based on his history at tech companies. Physically, I’ve been told that I’m an average to above-average looking person. I have six to eight packs depending on how much I slack and I love working out and staying fit. This is just to give you a bit perspective about me. I’m not going to focus on how hard it is to date in the modern world, especially for a relatively short Asian-male. That’s a struggle and I want to acknowledge it. I might even reference it in some of my stories, but I won’t let that be the topic of discussion. After-all, I want to focus on my journey to discovering love and how I hope to meet the love of my life.
I guess my career progress has never been a big issue for me as I have advanced quite quickly as that has been most of my focus. I have been given a lot of opportunities despite growing up from a poor family trying to make it in America. Despite all the difficulties I have had in my life, I have had more people believe in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. At times, I even scorned people for believing in me so much for absolutely no reason. I’ve had many mentors and parents who care so much more about me than I deserve.
I only recently started to date in 2019 — I graduated around 2016, right before the pandemic hit. There’s a reason why I even started as it was related to my career aspirations, but for the sake of keeping my anonymity, I’ll keep that part out.
In the era of Millenials and Gen Z, the most popular method to meet others is through dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, and since I used to work at Facebook that also includes Facebook Dating. The only apps I really relied on to meet others was Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Facebook Dating. I had nothing against the other apps or that they were more hookup apps, but Hinge, CMB, and Facebook Dating just worked the best for me.
Before Dating Apps
Prior to dating apps, I had only been in a relationship with 3 other girls (2 of which were in college) and I’ll share with you all a bit about this. For the most part, the girls I had been in relationship with were amazing people and I wished it worked out with them. However, there was a lot that happened that resulted in these failures. My first relationship was with a girl — Angela, who had a crush on me as I developed a crush on her. She was extremely funny and she found me funny. We enjoyed each other’s company quite a bit. This was probably the first time I fell for a girl, and I didn’t realize it at the time either. There would only be a few times where you and your crush happen to both share mutual feelings. We ate lunch, dinner, and studied together (your typical college adventures). However, a strife that involved her friends, me, and my friends drifted us apart and being young, stupid, and unwilling to confront our issues head-on, we decided to break off the relationship. I know Angela had more feelings for me at the time of the break-off, but it was also my coldest moment. The situation in my life had made me so numb to any emotions and I didn’t want Angela to date a block of ice. I became a ghost of who I used to be. I would even say I was unpleasant to be around because I was just so sad and angry — partially at myself, but also of people I had no control over. I’m glad we broke it off and I believe she is much happier and with someone who she is much happier with. I was happy for Angela, but also felt a feeling of melancholy. I also moved on, and I eventually rediscovered my self after my time of confusion.
My next relationship was a bit more of a secret and we never officially called each other boyfriend and girlfriend as she — Helen, didn’t want that title, but we were seeing each other exclusively and she even went to come visit me when I was studying abroad in my last year of college. Helen was extremely cute, both in personality and appearance. She and I
I got a chance to meet her parents once, and she got a chance to meet mine, so were somewhat serious. I never told my parents Helen was my girlfriend and I’m sure she never mentioned to her parents I was her boyfriend. Regardless, the fact was that she and I came from different worlds. She hinted that her parents were not really fond of me either. She also really loved me, but my biggest mistake was that I couldn’t define my own feelings for her. I knew I wanted her to be in my life and I can see a future with this person, but the thought of being with her was also very scary. This person came from a different world of mine — her family was in a different league of wealth and the journey with her was going to be a rough one. Maybe I was scared and I walked away from what could have been. After all, I was still a huge coward at that time. I didn’t know anything about relationships, sacrifice, and love. Helen deserved better and once again I told her my thoughts. She told me she would give me time to think it over. She had feelings for me, but she wasn’t going to force it because I had told her about my previous relationship and she knew that it would be a hopeless cause for her to fight for a relationship that wasn’t meant to be. I guess we just stopped seeing each other. I never talked to her about it, and we just eventually faded away from each other’s lives (only to catch up once every so often to talk about almost nothing or when we had career, life, health, or random questions we knew the other had an answer to).
As for the third relationship, you can probably call this a seasonal moving adventure. In the summer of 2017, I moved to San Francisco. This was my first-time without roommates and my first-time living in the big city. Prior to this, I had been living in the suburbs of Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, and Alameda. Elizabeth and I met when we were both looking at possible living accommodations in S.F. I asked her about this apartment on Montgomery and we were able to talk about how it was crucial that we both had a nice kitchen — despite the fact that we would probably never use it. I was so surprised by how friendly Elizabeth was and we went out to get Tacos later that day. Elizabeth and I bonded over both being Vietnamese. She asked me where else I was looking and I shared a few other places and I suggested that she should show me some good Chinese food the next time I was in SF for apartment hunting. One thing led to another and being a 1-shot wonder, she convinced me to go to her apartment in the city to rest. One thing led to another and we started to see each other for another 1–2 months. I found an apartment on Market Street and she was still searching. I found out she wasn’t really in a rush either. Once again, we never defined our relationship. As dating in the Bay Area goes, our days consisted of talking about her work, my work, her apartment hunting struggles, and career goals. Sometimes we tried to go deep into what we wanted in life or what our plans were for the future — but that’s a hard conversation because we both didn’t know and we honestly didn’t care. Then, one day, on a Saturday evening, as we sat at Delores park licking our icecreams, Elizabeth broke the news to me. “I’m going to New York and I don’t want anyone to tie me down.” I told her I understand and she said she was really happy to have met me and really enjoyed being around me. I said the same. I didn’t know what to say. I guess I never do. Eventually, our conversations faded and we haven’t talked since then. Last time I checked, she’s still in New York and she seems to be enjoying all that the city has to offer.
After Elizabeth, I just focused my mind on work and I eventually moved out to live in San Jose. I progressed in my career at Facebook and then, in December 2019, I went on dating apps for the first time — with the intention of learning to date.
Dating Apps and Covid-19
It was in December of 2019 when I met up with a girl — let’s call her Siwoo. We met on Hinge and we immediately hit it off. Siwoo was born in Korea, is 25, like me, but moved here at an early age and spoke perfect English. She was basically American at this point. Siwoo was quite pretty in person and I would say her pictures matched her physical appearance as well too. We went on the first date in L.A. where we sat at a Boba shop talking for 2 hours before we went to get food, walked around to talk, and then ended up with a kiss in my car. It felt abnormal to me how fast everything was moving. The next time we went to hang out, we went out to eat and then headed back to her apartment to watch Netflix. What that actually means is that Netflix would be watching us as we prepared to remove each other’s clothes. I’ll be honest, I asked my friends for scenarios and this was one of the obvious scenarios. I followed along with it all… it was weird for me. I generally tell people I’m pretty apathetic about sex. I’m not actively looking for sex or anything, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. I enjoyed talking to Siwoo and we had gotten to know each other quite where I found myself attracted to her physically. We went on a couple more dates — for another month or so because I happened to be traveling to L.A for work. I told her that this was my first time on dating apps and she was literally my first date I had met on a dating app. She showed me her 99+ matches on Hinge and the list of guys she had access to and also went on to describe how guys have no tact on dating apps. I shared a bit to Siwoo about my relationships and a little bit about some of my friends as well too. However, for some reason, I didn’t feel that strongly about Siwoo. Perhaps her life style was a bit different from mine. She was pretty extroverted and went to parties, raves, and so much more. I’m also extroverted and I can choose to thrive at big gatherings and events, but I actually prefer smaller and more intimate social situations in smaller groups. Maybe I was guarded by the idea that this was my first date on a dating app and I wanted to explore more. That’s what I told her as well too. She actually told me that she would love to be in a relationship with me. She had been on dating apps for quite a while and she felt strongly about me. I didn’t share those feelings — because I didn’t want to jump and commit on the first person I had met. Maybe that wasn’t it. I think it just didn’t feel right for me and I couldn’t explain why. After hearing about my previous relationships, she had a comment for me: “You like to run away quite a bit. I can tell from your previous relationships. I’m not going to wait for you and I honestly hope your dating journey goes well too.”
Siwoo was right and I thought about it quite a bit. I’m not just looking for casual sex. To be perfectly honest, Elizabeth and Siwoo were the only women I counted as actually having sex with. Despite being in longer relationships with others, we never had sex. We had a lot of cuddles and intimate moments, but we just never had sex. After meeting with Siwoo for the last time, we continued to text for about 1–2 months after, but then we eventually stopped talking overall.
Back in the Bay Area, I continued to host gatherings and caught up with my friends. That’s the thing about me — I actually don’t share to my friends about my dating life that much.
I did go on 2 dates before the pandemic hit , but nothing that amounted much. In the Bay Area, I do remember meeting someone who was from Wuhan who had warned me about a virus going on in China. She really liked talking to me, but I felt that I couldn’t naturally just be myself around her. She was a lawyer and working at a pretty notable firm. She was about 2 years older than me. She said that I have pretty interesting adventures and friends. She said that if I had gatherings that she would enjoy, I should invite her. I considered it, but I guess Covid and life happened and we never really caught up again.
In January of 2020, we were starting to hear about Covid in the news. That’s also when I had an opportunity to go to Sydney, Australia for a business trip in January and did match with a girl in Australia that I ended up going on 2–3 dates with. As far as I can tell, she just wanted something casual and I remember my first date with her. After spending a sizable amount of time with her, she told me she was going to prepare to go to a club at 12am. I went to her room while she just prepared. When I got to her apartment complex, I realized that this girl was relatively wealthy or came from a wealthy family. It was one of the nicest buildings in Sydney and she had an extremely spacious amount as well too. I know I went to her room, but nothing really happened. All I did was give her a kiss. She ended up becoming a pretty good friend and we still talk to each other today. We shared a lot of thoughts on relationships, life, and I guess stocks and crypto — ahhh yes the rise of Crypto in 2020 and 2021.
Fast forward 3 months later to February, and all of us found ourselves working from home. Of course, being the good citizen I was, I focused on actually just surviving. I was living in my apartment by myself and I remember the struggle of trying to time Amazon’s Fresh Delivery at 12am everyday to make sure I had enough groceries to start cooking. 2020 felt like the world was ending — stock market crashes, wildfires that were uncontrollable, unbreathable air, protests, riots, and raging Covid.
My journey to try and survive lasted for about 5 months before I got into the routine of cooking, thriving, working out, and getting used to the work-from-home life. In July of that year, I decided to go on dating apps again and that’s where I met a few other girls both from L.A. and the Bay Area. I was trying to meet people in L.A. because I thought after the pandemic, I would try to move back.
I was back on dating apps in May. This was when I was introduced to Tracy — a girl who was also from the bay, 22 years old, and just barely finished college. Tracy was an extremely interesting girl and I was surprised she was even interested in me — especially since I was about the same exact height as she was. She said she definitely feels the difference, but she didn’t really care since she wanted casual anyways. She was living with her family during the pandemic so she drove about 30 minutes to San Jose to hang out with me. For our first date, we cooked, played 10 fingers, and then proceeded to just leave the Netflix sound to Sex Education on after 30 minutes. Mine you, I was really enjoying the show, but when her lips pressed against mine, I was powerless to watch anything. For someone so young, her sexual experience was beyond mine. She wanted me to last longer (considering I don’t have sex much, I was not living up to her expectations) and had a much higher sexual drive and libido than I ever will. I’m not going to lie, I felt embarrassed whenever we had sex and the sexual anxiety just made it that much worse. I had some emotional connection to her, but it was mostly the physical attraction that drove our relationship. I don’t want to discount her other qualities. She was scary when she handled a knife and it scared me when she gestures that she’s going to cut me. She was joking, but I was never too sure either. I guess it was okay because she would make the threat and then lick the knife. But, her biggest green flag was that she was so caring and nurturing. I remember when I went to go shower one day, I came out to cut apples and peaches. She handed me the platter and I remember thinking about how much I appreciated her here. This was the first time a girl I got really intimate with had cut fruit for me. Tracy was Cantonese-Chinese and she liked to eat fruit when it is cut. I guessed that cutting fruit was a way her mom showed her love. When we talked about her family, Tracy told me that she grow up without him around — and that her mom had pretty much raised her by herself. I honestly really enjoyed hearing about her experience and that she was willing to be so vulnerable — and at times I shared my vulnerability with her too.
Tracy and I saw each other a total of 3 more times and she made it clear to me she was only looking for something casual after our 1st date. After the 2nd time we saw each other, she wanted to be casual, but that it would be “exclusively” casual. I mean I wasn’t seeing other people. She also told me she doesn’t want me to see other people because of Covid and because she also lives with her mom, she doesn’t want to risk anything. However, she also told me she was going on dates with other people. I know. I was really confused as well too.
Tracy fits the definition of “the hotter they are, the crazier they come.” I guess the signs were all there, but for someone like Tracy, it was easy to overlook the subtle jutting mountain of red flags here and there because in plain terms — she was extremely pretty and hot and I was powerless before her. When I didn’t give her attention when I worked late, she would stop me from working. Maybe that was my fault because she made the effort to come to my place, but sometimes I would be caught up in work. I remember explaining to her, but she was not receptive to this discussion. One time, when she went to shower, I went to play an online-game with friends. After 30 minutes, she got out and then decided to aggressive pull me out of my chair. I remember getting some scratches. I apologized to her and I told her I wanted to finish this with my friends as I only had about 10 minutes left and it would be rude of me to leave them. This was when I started to see the red-flags. I know when I explain this story, I might sound like a neglecting guy, but I promise you I wasn’t. I made her to clean up for her, talk to her, and just hear her thoughts. However, she was unwilling to compromise for the pockets of my time where I was busy. I also didn’t understand much because we were just “something casual”. She also didn’t like when I decided to go back to L.A. to visit friends and family. Eventually, I had to tell her that I don’t think we should see each other and she agreed since I wasn’t her priority. Tracy also said sex with me was trash. She is probably right about that and that is a feedback I have to work on.
I’m not sure I learned much about myself during my-time with Tracy, but I did really enjoy having her around just to cook with and spend time with during the time we spent. I was a bit sad, but I honestly understood we weren’t right for each other. We were definitely at different stages in our lives. I even told her I wanted something serious, but I would be okay with casual with her. I didn’t feel as confused, sad, or even as melancholic as my previous relationships.
Change of Scenery and Mindset
After dating Tracy, I just hung out with my friends in the Bay Area. Mostly, this entailed them coming to my apartment and then we just ordered Uber Eats or Door Dash. Other times, it would be getting take-out and bringing it back home. As the pandemic still raged on in September 2020, I decided to move back to L.A.
That’s when I stayed mostly at home (physically not going outside) except to bask in sunlight for the occasional 10 minutes a day. I didn’t really use dating apps. I had deleted it and honestly just spent most of my time on Clubhouse and spending most of my time online chatting and playing board games with friends.
That’s when I had time to think to myself and recount on the relationships that I had been in. Compared to when I first met Siwoo on my very first date to my last meeting with Tracy, I had learned a lot more about myself and what I’m looking for. I couldn’t put it in pure words, but when I thought about all the dates and feelings I got from every girl, I had a better idea of what I was looking for. I was learning to date and I had gotten more experience, but little did I know that I had only skimmed the surface. I had a different mindset overall and I started to learn from some of my friends’ own failed experiences and relationships. Breakups and new relationships were abundant during the pandemic. I was an observer looking at these new sunsets and sunrises appearing all around me.
In May of 2021, I went back to dating apps. I went on with a much better intent of what I wanted. I thought I understood more about myself and what I wanted. Little did I know, this was only the beginning of my discovery of myself, my needs, and dating. Maybe it was because of living in L.A.,or my change in mindset. Maybe I never really understood or scratched the surface of relationships and dating. I think it was probably because I had never been in a truly mature, long-term, and thriving relationship. My longest relationship was 1 year and that was in college, where we were both, stupid, and unsure of ourselves. It has almost been 5 years since then.
If anyone is interested in reading this on medium, please feel free as well too:
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2022.01.23 06:12 Woedicasbeloved Spoiler POE2 ending

Hello all,
As a priest of Woedica, I had a question.
According to you, which ending is the best for Woedica's faithful ? Which faction or no faction ? With Eothas choice ? (Too bad he empowers Berath and not our Lady)
Thank you :p
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2022.01.23 06:12 honeydewmilktealuvr college writing

Hi i’m a freshman in uni and I was wondering if taking writing at a community college over the summer is okay as a science major?? It kind of sounds like a silly question but I don’t know if lower division writing is required for grad school or just for the uni that I am attending? like it’s just a GE right ?
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2022.01.23 06:12 J_S_Paul2 Eren ASURAN BLOOD BATH AMV

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2022.01.23 06:12 Frosty_Cauliflower29 Realme GT Neo 2 System Cloner

So there's no developer option in System Cloner of realme, any idea how to get rid of bloatware in System Cloner now?
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2022.01.23 06:12 Randomperson-not Londerners of Reddit why haven't you moved ?

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2022.01.23 06:12 m00nbum Walgreens: $5.99 (Reg. $31.99) No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum! Clip the $12 Off Coupon

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2022.01.23 06:12 Ok-Fan6469 I wish my mum and dad would stop acting like they were such good parents

A lot of the personal issues I have where caused by my parents, and it really bugs me that they can’t acknowledge it. Especially my mum, she’s a really good parent now, but my siblings and I are all in our 20s(I’m 21). What annoys me most is that my mum loves to act like she’s a top tier parent.
I remember us seeing something in the news about a child being abused, and her and my dad went on about how if anything like that happened to their kids, we’d tell them. I insisted that wouldn’t be the case, and almost lost it and told them about both my brother and sister being molested, and how my older sister when I was baby(she’s only 4 years older) wouldn’t let certain nanny’s and family friends hold me cause she knew what could happen. My sister even told me about a time when both my parents where abroad somewhere and she walked in on our nannies throwing me across the room to each other, and she had to grab me and shout at them.
I’m very aware that my siblings had it way worse than I did, my mum physically abused them for years because she never wanted kids, so I’m honestly the luckiest out of all of us. My mum used to have a running joke that I never got hit as much because it was tiring and she didn’t want to hurt her hand, only now is that seeming kinda fucked to me lol.
I’ve been diagnosed with borderline personality for 3 years, it’s literally impart caused by an emotionally chaotic upbringing, yet when I bring this up my parents just brush it aside.
I’m not even upset with them anymore,this is just stuff I’ve never gotten out. I take full responsibility for who I am now and I’m working on it, but there’s just so many things that my siblings and I have been through that we can never speak to our parents about, no matter how close we all are now.
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2022.01.23 06:12 Dadoowop A lesbians take on fuckable champions

A lesbians take on fuckable champions
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2022.01.23 06:12 britishballer New krieg book out of stock?

I attempted this afternoon to get it after I woke up (work nights) and it wasn't available. I presume I will be able to get it again down the line? I like hard copies so prefer to stay away from ebooks or audiobooks
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2022.01.23 06:12 budgetcooking Omicron: Inzidenz der Ungeimpften 3-5 mal so hoch wie bei Geimpften

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2022.01.23 06:12 sharctic03 GSP 670 wired ;

I’m wondering if ⠀you can utilize this headset with a micro usb to 3.5mm jack lead. Preferably into an Astro C40 controller as Bluetooth connectivity does have some issues.
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2022.01.23 06:12 imsadallnametaken Try me, 100% real

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2022.01.23 06:12 mr__Fibonacci 24 [M4F] Europe | Looking for someone extraordinary

Good evening everyone and welcome to my post. I am a south European 24 y/o guy and I am here because I am looking for my special one.
I believe that any long-lasting relationship needs to start as a meaningful shared empathic relationship so that's how I would like to know you.
I am an extrovert, relaxed, and very calm person. I try to live my life in the best way possible, trying to learn from what I see around me. I am working as a consultant and a professional for different firms and non-profits too and that helps me understand what happens in my community while providing me a culturally enriched environment.
I have a bachelor's in accounting and I am enrolled in my master's at the moment. The next year I will be joining an honored program in risk evaluation.
Looking for a tall man? no problem, physically speaking I am very tall (2 m) with black hair and brown eyes. And before asking, you guessed it, I was playing both basketball and volleyball when I was in high school.
My passion starts from working, I enjoy what I am doing and I always search for the best way to help my clients and friends to solve their problems. But I like adventures too, I like traveling, visiting museums, going to the theater, and cinema. I also organize events for different cultural associations in my city, and I end up as a guest in others. I like fine cuisine, music, and relaxed environments.
I am looking for a wonderful woman to share my path in life, preferably in Europe (for tz reasons). As long as you are 18+ I am okay with almost any age. University education is not a must, I am acceptive through any culture and foreign country, I like meeting new persons, with different habits.
If you are looking for a chill, supportive, caring, person in your life well, send me a message.
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2022.01.23 06:12 ViaWires Mandatory RATs

Hi everyone! I am in murky territory & just wanted to get some thoughts on whether you think this is reasonable.
I work for a large Australian healthcare organisation. I’m a full-time front line health worker (not a union member… yet). My company is implementing mandatory daily RATs for staff to complete at home prior to attending the workplace. This is then to be named, dated, photographed, a form filled out & then emailed to my manager. There is no company time allocated to this nor any pay. All in all, I foresee that this will take ~20 minutes extra time prior to each shift.
Let me say that I do support keeping patients & colleagues safe. This implementation is not a government or legal requirement, nor is it in my contract. It’s in an email from head office & an expectation you’ll do this on your own time. Do you smell a RAT? Do you think it’s reasonable to pursue compensation for the time this will take? Speaking of which, thank you for your time!
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2022.01.23 06:12 F1F2F3F4_F5 PRC certificate of goof standing how to get, preferably online

Title. Is there a way to get it online? Or at least minimal time away from home
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