y9aan 3ikda 892bi ybb6n 3ei4s 6yta5 fy4hz e87sb 8rayt keyna 9beh5 2dked en27z hbtey ydaz3 t86bi 7bnbk e3rt6 t2hey 6r2nz h93hy I just played a "Free for All" normal MP and it counted as "Ranked MP". Is this bug or we will getting points for MP rank? |

I just played a "Free for All" normal MP and it counted as "Ranked MP". Is this bug or we will getting points for MP rank?

2022.01.23 05:39 masihdindar I just played a "Free for All" normal MP and it counted as "Ranked MP". Is this bug or we will getting points for MP rank?

I just played a submitted by masihdindar to CallOfDutyMobile [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 05:39 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - ISIS-Kurds battle after Syria prison attack kills over 120 in four days: Monitor | Al Arabiya

[World] - ISIS-Kurds battle after Syria prison attack kills over 120 in four days: Monitor | Al Arabiya submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 05:39 Medical_Type4933 Did Norman Takamori deserve that?

Whilst watching episode 2 of the Starstruck odyssey, I found myself somewhat disturbed by something that Brennan, the players, the characters of the players, and (as far as I can tell) the audience have quickly accepted.
I'm talking about the fact that Norman "the Skipper" Takamori effectively had his mind stolen from him at the start of this episode.
I understand that "old skip" was not a pleasant person to be around - rude, aggressive at times, holding himself and his crew to high or perhaps impossible standards, and treating them as crew member rather than friends. But from his perspective, the rest of the party were his crew.
Norm left to see the stars full of hope, and continual disappointment and a downslide into debt and disaster have left him bitter and mistrusting. These character flaws seem like an understandable, if negative reaction to way life has treated him, but certainly not something the character flaws make it justified to subject him to Brain Slugification.
The party's reaction was a bit strange - most of them seem to believe that something isn't right with the captain, and Riva basically knows exactly what is going on. But not a single one of them made an objection to this new turn of events, and basically jumped up to take advantage of a man who is no longer in control of his mind or body.
Did Norman Takamori deserve what happened to him? Do you think that the brain slug will be around forever, or will old skip find a way back into conciousness?
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2022.01.23 05:39 train_go_choo_choo Scotland featured in National Geographic!

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2022.01.23 05:39 arabti عروض البهجة الدائمة هايبر ماركت عمان اليوم من 23 وحتى 26 يناير 2022 – تخفيضات الطازج Al Bahja Al Daema hypermarket Oman offers valid from 23 until 26 January 2022 – Fresh deals

عروض البهجة الدائمة هايبر ماركت عمان اليوم من 23 وحتى 26 يناير 2022 – تخفيضات الطازج Al Bahja Al Daema hypermarket Oman offers valid from 23 until 26 January 2022 – Fresh deals submitted by arabti to ilofo_oman [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 05:39 AlignedLiving Manifesting what you want no matter how you feel

“Don’t condemn yourself for the state into which you have fallen. If you don’t like it, move into another.” Neville Goddard Every moment we inhabit different emotional states. Sometimes we are afraid. Sometimes we feel infused with love. You can choose to dwell in a state that is beneficial to you. Every day I choose to dwell in the knowing that my desires are mine, no matter what. I even tell myself these words out loud when I feel a need to. Often I just say the word, “Unconditionally.” Because, every part of me – and every part of the universe already knows exactly what I want, and there really is no need to micromanage, unless I really, really want to.
When I see something I don’t like, I allow myself to feel whatever arises because I’m not afraid that my emotions will doom me to some horrible manifestation. I know that I am God, and so there is nothing to fear, not even fear itself. As I remember to Remember who I am, I find comfort in knowing that I am safe. I am whole, and that is true no matter what imperfections my sharp mind can detect.
I no longer allow anything to step between me and my relationship with myself. When nothing is allowed to come between my unending love and loyalty to myself – not even self-loathing – this can be referred to as embodying the state of divine unconditional love: the Godself. A god is always on her own side. She never beats herself up for anything.
It is important to remember that all emotions are only passing states of being. Just as the sun rises and throws Earth into a state of light, then falls to put Earth into a state of darkness, our states are fleeting. In fact, our states say very little about who we truly are. They can be helpful, and they can be unhelpful. The only thing that every state has in common is its impermanence.
If we choose to, we can consciously select to live within the state of the wish fulfilled. This means that we feel safe, secure, no matter the circumstances. Feeling safe also means that we can feel whatever we feel without being punished for it. So, the state that I choose to dwell in every day is knowing that all my desires are already mine and granted to me. I choose to dwell in the state of safety. This does not mean that I do not feel worry or concern. It means that my predominant state is one of safety, and of knowing that my desires are mine no matter what.
When ‘bad’ feelings arise, I remember that I’m merely visiting this state for a few fleeting moments. Sometimes this moment passes in a second, other times the moment can stretch into minutes, hours and days, and that’s okay. It’s only a state, and I’m not bothered by it because I know that it cannot intervene in my receiving of my desires. It might be uncomfortable, yes, but it has no power over my life and manifestations. I–the I that I AM—My GODSELF– remain unmoved from within. Like an enormous mountain that is unmoved by a gust of wind (temporary states). My true self is GOD.
When difficult emotions arise within you remember this: No matter how dark you go, or how painful it is it cannot stop you from manifesting and living the fulfillment of your desires. Let go of your fears of negativity right now. Letting go of the fear is the same as accepting it is there. Like Bruce Almighty, you can scream, “Smite me almighty smiter!” because you know that nothing that could ever happen you can destroy you, or get in the way of your desire. So why fight the powerless circumstances of your life? They mean nothing.
I deeply know the meaning of pain. I consider myself a Master of Pain, for I have suffered and hurt so deeply that I can not even understand how it is possible that I am still alive. Pain sucks and is completely unnecessary. And for a very long time, I suffered immensely because of my pain. I hated pain, warred against pain, cursed pain, and had I had a magic wand I would have ‘Avada Kedavrad ‘the living hell out of pain. Even worse, I was resisting my pain with my mind, and every bit of my consciousness. I had been destroyed so utterly so many times that I was at constant war with my own suffering. Then one day, out of pure desperate, desperate, desperation I could no longer hold on. The cost of holding on was so much greater than the cost of letting go and surrendering into the pain so that it might finally destroy me and obliterate me from within.
For so long, I had done my very best. Kept my vibration high, been good, done right… but the suffering had always continued because deep within I was rejecting life, I was rejecting my pain. I was rejecting myself and every life experience that had brought me to this point. I couldn’t believe or understand why God – I would cause me so much suffering. Why had death torn a deep trench of loss into the very core of my being, why had I been betrayed, abused, neglected, hurt… why oh why, of why?
All my life I had been searching for answers. All my life I had been trying to make things right. I did everything, other than allowing my pain to consume me. And in the end, that was the only choice left to me.
To tell you that it was easy to feel it all so deeply would be a lie. To tell you that my escape impulses were dormant, would also be to tell a life. Every part of me was in escape mode. Every instinct was to flee the suffering. To hide. To make it go away. But I refused. I knew that I only had this last option left, and I was in so much pain that it no longer mattered if feeling it all destroyed me. Nothing of who I was was worth preserving. There was no way I could continue living as I had. It was death or metaphorical death. Either way, I had to die to my suffering, and so I persisted. And so I did. I died a million deaths for each trauma that had been held prisoner within me. I cried so much that it felt as if I might actually die from dehydration, but I refused to return to my old way of being. I talked to my own heart, I spoke lovingly to my poor little human self. I told myself, “I am right here and I’m not leaving. If we die we die together.”
The aspect of me that spoke to soothe me was my Godself. That higher aspect of being that is always who we are, though our minds may go to great lengths to deny it.
The experience was darker than the darkest night of the soul, and I had experienced many in my life. Suffering had entered my reality early on. Loss has ravaged my heart since childhood. Tears, manic shouting at the universe, every dramatic thing - I did it. I allowed myself to do it. Because if there was one thing I’d never do again it was to stand in opposition of myself. I’d never abandon my human self again, no matter the mess of this human monstrosity.
And as I felt as if my very soul was ripping into a billion pieces, the only thing I could do was scream to myself, ”I love you anyway. I don’t care if you never get better. I don’t care if you never get what you want. I am here, right next to you and I will be with you until the end. Unconditionally. Unconditionally.
I truly went Gollum style crazy.
My only solace was meditation and going within. Not as a form of escapism, but as a return home to the only place where I am whole. I meditated for hours a day because the only place left for me was going into the silence. It was my only sanctuary. And I allowed every shiver of panic and the empty hollow in my belly to get saturated by tears even as I meditated until, somehow, the silence met me and I became it. I was home within my being, mounted into the awareness of my Godself. I was elevated to the infinite field where I am a Witnesser of my human aspects, and my heart overflowed with love.
Beautiful, profound love. As the parent loves a child. As Earth loves all her creatures. As the Universe loves every star.
I treated myself as if I were my own child and each time I broke I simply held my whole self within my heart. The energy I gave myself was one of allowance and acceptance. I did not try to force my mind to love myself. I only allowed my mind to be itself. I did not try to fix or change.
I had tried that my whole life without true healing. I did not suppress - I was fed up with being silent and being held hostage to ’the school of positive thought’. I let the reins go, and surrendered into the loving arms of creation itself. My fate was no longer my own. I no longer had the stamina to let my mind control the show.
I decided that nothing, not even shitty failed manifestations would get in my way of accepting myself anymore. I wouldn’t even let my rejection of myself bring me down. Instead, I would feel my rejection fully and own how much I hated it all. I allowed myself to marinate in every judgment, fear and feeling. I told myself that even if all my doubts are real and I’m stuck in suffering forever at least I’ll reclaim the last ounce of power that I have left. The power to be my own best friend. The power I have to remain loyal to myself even if creation itself has shunned me.
And… in allowing myself - no exception - I was finally free. Free to get dark, scary and hateful without judgment. And as soon as I was free the true transformation began. I was able to naturally feel love and light again without fearful OCD. I finally gave myself permission to be good enough for myself even if I was good enough for nothing else.
I proved my loyalty to myself because I let go of all the conditions I had clung to as an excuse to withhold love from myself.
I mattered to me. The circumstances of my life could rot in hell for all I care. Screw everything. I’m sticking to myself.
My human self was my baby, perfect, vulnerable and so, so worthy of love and unconditional support. I would be her mother and father and love her - no matter what. No matter the pain, darkness or treachery. No matter a million failed manifestations and 1000 lifetimes of despair.
I am the only human that can do it. The only one who knows and sees all the hidden aspects of myself, and the only one who can fully appreciate how hard I battled and how utterly I was destroyed. So too, you are the only one that can do it for yourself.
I am my only true witness, as you are your only true witness. And your heart and human self have yearned to be witnessed for centuries upon centuries of lifetimes.
How then can we forsake our bleeding hearts by turning away from and resisting the pain of the traumatised human? The human needs you – GOD – to remain by her side and see her through the darkness.
The trauma is real for the human. We don't have to accept it. Yet when we allow it to exist our trauma transforms into the passageway that leads to our liberation. True freedom. A place beyond fear. Because you’ve already got your own back and that is truly all you need. And once you’ve stepped up and taken back your sovereign power, the universe will do nothing but mirror this back to you. You are awake. The time of suffering has come to a close.
Manifestation and life be damned. You are not obliged to do anything. But life, you will find, rewards the one who has made peace with themselves.
I argue that the only reward worth having is peace. The only manifestation worth chasing is the gentle allowing of unconditional love.
When peace is lacking we can never enjoy our manifestation anyway. We fear losing it. We fear that getting it was a fluke and we quickly find something new to obsess and worry about. That is not freedom, that is enslavement to the dominion of mind. And since your Godself/Spirit/Soul/True Self/Higher self wants to bring every aspect of you back to wholeness its actions behind the scenes may seem to cause and trigger pain as it ’withholds’ manifestations.
In reality, your entire being has decided that it will no longer be a slave. More than anything, you are called to freedom. And you will get there, no matter the cost.
When you sit with yourself and remember who you are, the fear falls away. You understand that you do not need to fear the state that you occupy at any given moment. You understand that no matter what you are always God, and to God, all things are always possible and created.
You are God. Not an overactive ego that seeks dominion over all things, but the only thing that ever was and ever will be. There is no separation. No worthy vs. unworthy. It is all one and this ONE is who you are: the I that I AM. It is all the same.
Each state, feeling, circumstance and manifestation belongs to you. Each can be transformed by you. Each is yours for the taking. You do not have to accept it to be true, it is the only truth no matter what you think, say or do.
When you try, this is the time to remind yourself of who you are. Trying implies that you see yourself as separate. Remember that nothing is required for you to be who you are because you can never stop being your essential nature, and this nature is GOD.

“It is your father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. You do not earn it. It is not your due, it’s not a reward. It’s simply a gift, unmerited. And therefore you cannot lose it. The gift is irrevocable. So no man can take it from you, no man can give it to you, so let no one frighten you. It’s yours and it's coming on time, and the gift is nothing less than God himself. When he gives you the kingdom, he gives you himself. For the kingdom is not a realm, the kingdom is a character, it’s a body. And that body is perfect, and wherever you are clothed in that body, everything around you is perfect.”
There are no requirements to manifesting your desire, and you know it is done by reminding yourself of this absence of requirement. No matter what you do, think or feel, it is done regardless. You are free to be as you want to be. Without filters or alterations.
Even if you can’t feel the truth of these words then at least accept them as true. Accept that you are GOD, accept that your desires are true and that it is done. You cannot escape who you are and you are GOD, whether you believe it or not.
You choose the state you wish to occupy every time you state the words “I AM” or “MY”... will you choose victimhood? Or will you choose to remember who you truly are?
There are no requirements. You can be sucky if you want to. It won’t make any difference. It is still done. You might just not be as happy as you would like to be, but the thing is still yours. You don’t need to change or be perfect. You just are what you are, and everything will work out anyway. And as the need to adjust fades away, and makes space for surrendered awareness you will actually feel your power build. Ironically, you will feel freer than ever when you stop imposing your (mind/ego-centered) will. You will have embodied the truth of who you are–your GODSELF.
Every single littlest thing is part of the fulfillment of your desires. It is all the bridge of events that leads you to the experience of every desire. Without requirements, or exceptions: It is Done.
“Each person is born with an infinite power, against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance.” Neville Goddard
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2022.01.23 05:39 RNLittleRabbitInLove 重症者、年初の8倍に 専門家、警戒呼び掛け―オミクロン「第6波」

重症者、年初の8倍に 専門家、警戒呼び掛け―オミクロン「第6波」 submitted by RNLittleRabbitInLove to GiinSenkyo [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 05:39 SirNo6580 What are things everyone must do in their 20s

Same as title. What are the things everyone should experience in their 20s.
Asking because I'm in early 20s and I feel like I haven't had the same experiences as my peers , or that I lack behind.
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2022.01.23 05:39 gljames24 I'm a customs officer confiscating electronic contraband, but I get hit by cardiac arrest.

After I seize icy ic's I sees on the hi seas, I seize!
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2022.01.23 05:39 FrackaMir Getting Red Errors whenever opening vehicle Trunks

Essentially running with a fairly large amount of mods that are updated, along with Snakes Modpack selectively.
I get the red box errors when loading in with the usual words how you died, but apparently that seems to be fine
Now when I open or close trunks or try to I get red boxes eith the errors, they do open and work but wondering if theres some incompatibility going on with the trunks
I am using custom vehicles too like the M113 APC of both papa chad and the other ones etc
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2022.01.23 05:39 Willing-Clock-8884 Abba - Dancing Queen (Official Music Video Remastered)

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2022.01.23 05:39 PhraseMiserable2868 Last night Edin Dzeko scored against the 70th different team in his career.

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2022.01.23 05:39 TheOutcast06 Before people used lightbulbs to represent Eureka! Moments, they’d probably used oil lamps, candles or even campfires.

As for before the discovery of fire, the sun.
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2022.01.23 05:39 RomanOfThe10th Stop the plague, the Roman way

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2022.01.23 05:39 MarVir719 Week 2: Noodles - Ricotta Ziti Pasta Bake

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2022.01.23 05:39 Smart_Raisin9617 What are some of the most underrated books that are more superior and knowledgeable than the popular mainstream books?

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Super early
Super active dev
Fun lil project with a good cause behind it.
Guaranteed to do a 100x from this point
🛑Why shouldn't you invest
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🔥🔥This token is fire, don't be fooled by the market cap - The people wept when my last token mooned so make you don't miss this one.
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2022.01.23 05:39 Nearby-Panda-3394 Method

What’s your fav method for scores?
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2022.01.23 05:39 LucyTheCatalyst Jako dalšího jsem nakreslila IO Guarda.😎 Celkem dost detailní postava, ale zvládna jsem ho. Koho dál? ☺

Jako dalšího jsem nakreslila IO Guarda.😎 Celkem dost detailní postava, ale zvládna jsem ho. Koho dál? ☺ submitted by LucyTheCatalyst to Kerddit [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 05:39 AkaiHidan Does this seems like too much water or too little? I can’t tell and I don’t want my yuka to die

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2022.01.23 05:39 Marxs4thDog The meme, but it's real (found in the wild)

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2022.01.23 05:39 DarkLord_1278 Watch "OATMEAL CHOCOLATE FUDGE RECIPE!" on YouTube. Please help me hit 150 Subscribers on YouTube by the end Of January.

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2022.01.23 05:39 IHaveThus An early clearance of Fort Saki

So i've been thinking about this for a while, and what of I could actually clear Fort Saki earlier then expected, and I wanted to hear what other people thought about this.
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2022.01.23 05:39 orinxone The fuck did I just dream?

4 people including me were sitting on a round table and suddenly a vampire cosplayer with a machete entered the room, he gave us a choice, either he kisses the only woman that is present among us or each one of us cut off out hands.
Each one of us gave our hands. and he cut it off, and reattached a smaller portion of the hand, he then proceeded to kiss the girl anyway. I, upon realizing my hand looked silly, begged the man to fix my hand, he said that he can't because he has 'work'. Then I woke up and realized my hand is perfectly fine.
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