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PVC/ PAC right at the beginning but why the dip straight after it? Also middle row, are there extra waves clearest example about 17s

2021.11.30 17:38 Same_Yam1040 PVC/ PAC right at the beginning but why the dip straight after it? Also middle row, are there extra waves clearest example about 17s

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2021.11.30 17:38 Filingito Need help with arranging my junkyard of hardware

I have a lot of mixed junk hardware which I managed to built into few PCs in my house (Not just for me)
Now I need to add another PC, because I bought two WD Red Plus 4TB to finally have a dedicated PC as a NAS (I will simply connect it to the router and mount in other PCs as network drive)
Right now I have a B450 motherboard with 3200g. But, I want to use this PC as the NAS (+HTPC, because there is a place to sit near the router)
What should I do if I'm on a tight budget?
1) Buy a Ryzen 3 3350G Pro (some weird OEM CPU sold by a retailer near me) for $155 (+The A320 motherboard it's total of $200)
2) Maybe get an Intel system instead (i3-10105F + cheap H410 for $175)
Anything else?
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2021.11.30 17:38 post-news There Is a Vaccine Mandate Debate Inside the NIH That You Can Watch on Wednesday

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2021.11.30 17:38 avg_tf2fan Am I making burgers right? How to make better burgers?

I am trying to get better at cooking burgers. I currently start by seasoning the ground beef and then mixing it to get the seasoning distributed. I then make little meatballs out of the burgers then squish them into patties. After that, I season the outsides of the patties. I then put a little divot in the middle of the burger and cook it divot side up first before I flip it. Once that's done I just assemble the burger and let it rest.
As for seasoning I have been using kosher salt, course black pepper, and paprika.
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2021.11.30 17:38 TitanBP Mall in Orlando Looks Abandoned...

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2021.11.30 17:38 sexi_squidward Looking for a template?

Hey ya'll,
I've been trying to find the best way to organize my findings and most templates I've found off etsy are either excessive or full of irrelevant information. Like pages expecting me to rewrite Census pages and all.
I'm probably going to have to end up making my own - but does anyone have any they recommend?
https://www.etsy.com/listing/551749782/genealogy-tracker-letter-size-85-x11?ref=yr_purchases This one looks great but is biggest pain in the ass to put together...like it only has enough pages for 2 sets of grandparents. I managed to put pages together in publisher but now it just feels like a cluster-fudge.
https://www.etsy.com/listing/177377281/ancestor-summary-family-history-ancestor?ref=yr_purchases This one is simple looking and I kind of like it - however I want to go further back and obviously not everyone has pictures so it seems kind of weird (I guess I could use pics of grave stones).

Does anyone else have something that they use and like?
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2021.11.30 17:38 CountBleh64 My brother's very first Nuzlocke ended in death, but I'm still proud of him nonetheless

My brother just finished up his first Nuzlocke, unsuccessfully. You can tell it really got to the little guy, but I managed to console him and convince him to give Nuzlockes another try in the future. Maybe he'll get one of the Sinnoh remakes for Christmas and we'll do a Nuzlocke for that. Anyways, here's the full playlist.
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2021.11.30 17:38 throwramblings meirl

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2021.11.30 17:38 svanapps r/CryptoMarkets - Question about bots in the order book

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2021.11.30 17:38 Suspicious_Pie_4168 How do I make myself dissociate and control it?

I wanna learn how to combat and control derealization, not just run from it terrified that it’ll happen again and I won’t know what to do.
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2021.11.30 17:38 TheOnyxStar Feeling delusional and scared. No idea where to turn.

I'm terrified that I'm delusional and all of this is nothing. It's getting harder and harder to believe what's happening is real because I get so scared when something does happen. I get afraid that people notice, or afraid that I will lose myself one day and another alter will take over and keep it that way. The second another alter fronts I get scared and immediately I switch back, sometimes I don't and I watch my body do things practically on autopilot in agony just wondering "why me? why me?"
My therapist doesn't seem too interested in it and has told me she doesn't think it's DID. She just refers to them as voices and not the term I use, which is "headmates" to describe them. I consider them people too, and she just wants to get rid of them or assure me they'll go away on their own. We're focusing on things I feel like aren't really important to my health right now. I'm more concerned about the lack of identity, the amnesia, the dissociation, acting out of character, switching/identity shifting that I don't connect to, etc.
I DO NOT like questioning someone's knowledge or how they do their job, but I just feel like she isn't taking me seriously and writes them off as just "voices" and nothing else. She seems to ignore anything else. And again, I don't know if she sees something I don't so I won't tell her she's wrong for saying she doesn't think it's DID. Plus, she has more knowledge and research. I can't act as though I know more because I know I do not, and I'm still not an adult yet, so I can't really combat why she feels that way. I'm more concerned that she just doesn't bother to see the impact this has had on me and thinks it's some imaginary play when this has hurt me more than anything else.
(TW for SH starts here.) I remember hearing my headmates more often and I was accepting and grew close with them. They were always in the background and we had a ton more passive influence. Now, it's just silent. I feel really really alone and hurt. I've actually wanted to self harm or hurt myself because I felt so lonely both irl and in the system. They do not like to stick around and talk and I have almost convinced myself before that it was just a way for me to stop faking it. On top of that, my therapist doesn't seem to really give much of a damn about all of this. She seems to have her own game plan and it doesn't really follow my own. I'll tell her about my concerns yet she just drops it. I wanted to end it all one day right after a session because I felt unheard and I know I've been unheard and ignored all my life, but for a professional to do it... it hurts even more. It's like it's not important and it makes me feel unimportant. (End of TW)
The denial is arguably the WORST part of this disorder aside from CPTSD and general symptoms of trauma. It's like battling with my brain and my thoughts and obsessively finding ways to prove myself it isn't real and then something happens where I just can't fight it anymore and I start thinking "maybe this IS real." It's exhausting.
My headmates used to come out in times of stress, but now it seems like they are super unaware of the external world. It makes me feel even faker. I'm afraid that it could just be maladaptive daydreaming that is causing everything to happen. My boyfriend is aware of my concerns, and he believes that this is all true because he knows I wouldn't fake this at all, and I'm not looking for attention but asking for help and being concerned about it makes me feel like I am. I'm just scared.
I'm VERY young. I'm almost an adult, but still very very young. I see other young people online that seem to be systems and they are almost ALWAYS fakeclaimed. I'm so afraid of being fakeclaimed because I'm legitimately struggling with whatever symptoms these are, and to be told that I'm faking because of a certain circumstance or an alter we have frightens me. I'm worried that because of my age, it's impossible for me to be a system because I could have imaginary friends, but it doesn't explain the switching and the passive influence that I do not choose to have. When my headmates do front, they don't really do anything harmful and I'm afraid that wouldn't be enough to convince my therapist that I'm actually struggling. Just them switching or being nearby is distressing. Just the thought of them is DISTRESSING.
I really admire them and I want to speak with them more but I only push them away because of the out-of-control denial spiral I tend to have every week. I feel so abnormal and awful because I want help but I feel like I'm an actual DID faker because of my age, our member count, the opinion from our therapist, other DID fakers are around my age and it makes that 100000% worse. I feel extremely delusional and I don't know where to turn. Not even my therapist seems to believe my concerns and only writes them off as internal voices. It's hurting me so much. I'M SCARED.
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2021.11.30 17:38 clip_mirror_bot this is what is wrong with Youtube live streaming ....

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2021.11.30 17:38 hahahabiatch Apparently, I have a posture problem and my left leg is shorter than the right?

Hello everyone,
I came here to ask for a bit of advice on an ongoing issue that I have been dealing with for most of my life without really knowing what is the cause of it.
Firstly, I am 28 years old 6'3 (1.90cm) 190 lb (86 kg) male and for almost ten years I have been dealing with lower back and shoulder pain. I am moderately active and my job requires me to be on my feet, usually outdoors and extremely long hours. So I have always assumed this might be the cause of the problem.
Every weekend, specifically my lower back would be extremely stiff and I would struggle to stand up straight and for the last 2 years or so this stiffness started to happen on a daily basis.
In the past, I have received some comments about my posture that I didn't really take it seriously or assumed this might be a separate problem. Like when I needed to get my passport photos taken, the photographer would have to step in and reshape my body/posture in order to make it look straight, however, the position would feel unnatural to me. Or I had a couple of trainers mention that I was leaning on my left leg.
So I was wondering if I should directly see a chiropractor or is it better for me to check in with my family physician in order to get an opinion. And in the meanwhile is there anything I can do to release the tension and pain until I am able to resolve the issue.
I have recently found this subreddit so I am hoping this is a valid problem/question to post in this group. Thank you so much in advance!
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2021.11.30 17:38 bakatenshi Skitty is growling lol

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2021.11.30 17:38 S0Vign Ship design WiP

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2021.11.30 17:38 fjfj89 Quelqu'un pour s'échanger des photos ou vidéo de nos POTE et que de nos POTE ! pas de nude, que des photo hot en maillot ou des photo prise en scred,max 18 ans, vener prv

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2021.11.30 17:38 whatfuckereryisthis That's it COMEX choke those prices back down.....don't let them get out of hand.

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2021.11.30 17:38 Andree_Z18 Scelta Broker Directa vs Degiro: dubbio da sciogliere

Salve a tutti, inizio già chiedendo scusa per l'ennesimo post sulla scelta del Broker ma, sia leggendo la Wiki sia leggendo altri thread, mi rimangono dei dubbi su una cosa.
Premessa: come si può immaginare sono alle prime armi, ma volevo appunto crearmi un PAC anch'io con l'ETF VWCE (Isin: IE00BK5BQT80) di una durata di almeno 15 anni, iniziando investendo con 2/300€ al mese.
Il dubbio mi sorge su quale sia il Broker più adatto alla mia situazione. Conosco già queste cose: • Directa: fa da sostituto di imposta ed ha commissioni minime di € 1,50 ad acquisto (tecnicamente 0.19% ma con l'importo che investirei si alzerebbe appunto ad € 1,50); • Degiro: non fa da sostituto di imposta ma ha commissioni più basse. Se non sbaglio con le nuove entrate in vigore si è passati a € 0,50 ad acquisto; • a queste spese dovrò aggiungere € 0,50 di commissioni bancarie sui bonifici che effettuerò per i versamenti sul Broker;
Detto ciò vi chiederei conferma sul fatto che, in base a ciò, Degiro sia l'opzione migliore per me e che non mi stia sfuggendo nulla (costi "invisibili" o altro). Non avendo utili da dichiarare, in quanto farei semplice "holding", la questione dichiarazione mi sarebbe di importanza solo nell' anno in cui venderei gli ETF, corretto? Inoltre avrebbe senso fare un bonifico trimestrale di 600€ sul broker, diluendoli però mensilmente per continuare a fare l'acquisto mensile di ETF (quindi € 200 li spendo e €400 li lascio sul broker da usare nei 2 mesi successivi), riducendo così le commissioni bancarie di bonifico?
Grazie a chiunque mi aiuterà con questo dubbio.
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2021.11.30 17:38 FallCompetitive7976 30-November I am still here

It is 30-November 20:38. I am mad.
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2021.11.30 17:38 TragedyStruck Compound Developer Community Call – December 1, 9:30am PT - Protocol Development

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2021.11.30 17:38 ladykimmyminx [OC] Do we have any Riolu fans? I kinda like how this terrarium turned out with the grassland.

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2021.11.30 17:38 ppstech420 Earl Gray Marteani

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2021.11.30 17:38 prisonerofsasskaban Transferring NY score to NJ

I learned that I passed the NY July 2021 bar last month and I have since collected all of the forms that I would need for the C&F process. I’m just waiting on one more character affirmation from someone, which is why my application hasn’t been sent in yet.
However, yesterday I got a job offer that would require me to be admitted in NJ. I interviewed with them several weeks ago and they knew that I was already planning to be admitted in NY, but would transfer to NJ if they had a position for me, and that this whole process would take several months.
I’m now looking at the NJ forms as I wait to be able to talk this offer over with some family members, since I’m more than likely going to accept. I honestly was anticipating being unemployed for a good few more months and this job would put me at least in the general area of NYC which was my goal.
I don’t know if I’m just very confused, but since I haven’t sent in my C&F forms to NY yet anyway should I just start the process of transferring my UBE score to NJ? My main concern was having to go back to the ~8 people I already had to collect NY C&F forms from and annoy them with an “actually it’s THIS form that needs your signature” but now that I’m taking a minute to think everything over, both the interviewing staff members and I might have been confused. Is it accurate that I would actually only need to transfer my UBE score, instead of going through with NY and then waiving into NJ (since I haven’t been practicing for any period of time, let alone 5 of the last 7 years)?
To me, it looks like NJ doesn’t require the same number of employment certifications and character affirmations as NY did so I’m hopeful that this might be even easier than I thought. I think the only things I would have to get that I don’t already have are fingerprints + DMV records (I have an active learners permit in NY, I rarely ever drive and I’m only now starting to prioritize getting my license because of something that happened to me as a pedestrian when I was taking driver’s ed in HS, so as long as that doesn’t pose an issue that should be pretty straightforward as well).
Regardless, I probably will still hold onto the NY C&F forms and submit them as soon as it makes sense, as NY was my home state my whole life up until I left for college and then law school in PA. Ideally it is where I would like to both live and work. This is just an enormous relief if I’m processing everything correctly, as I was very worried about starting this job only to have to wait another 3-5 months to actually be able to work in the role I was hired for.
I would appreciate any insight that someone out there might have so that I don’t have to talk this through with the hiring manager and confuse both them and myself further!
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2021.11.30 17:38 uunei A humble collection.

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2021.11.30 17:38 Memestockinvestor Why $LGVN is squeezing

Why $LGVN is squeezing For starters, the company is bullish as fuck and an excellent long term investment. They are doing ground breaking scientific research and development.
Now that weve got the bull case out of the way, the security is a different story.
There is obviously a ton of fuckery going on, but when it comes down to it....short sellers are shorting this security into the hands of willing and enthusiastic buyers. There is likely an assload of leverage clogging up the system here. There could be a lot of retail short sellers getting swept up in this as well, let this squeeze dismiss that image of some single hedge fuck being at the helm.
And according to distribution people are HOLDING
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