What did the fish say when he ran into the wall?

2021.11.30 19:09 WonderChell What did the fish say when he ran into the wall?

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2021.11.30 19:09 -_-_-Cornburg How would you spell out the sound of your last fart?

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2021.11.30 19:09 Robdorium The Golden Claw and Bleak Falls Barrow Cinematic Walkthrough

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2021.11.30 19:09 tsafman Time Lag Youth - UTAITAIUTAWOUTATTE [indie/J-rock] (2021)

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2021.11.30 19:09 sopalidisajnaco 🌳 TreedomCoins | Saving the earth | Fair Launched (no presale) | Community driven token | 📺 Paid marketing team | 🔒 Liquidity Locked for 10 years

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2021.11.30 19:09 pussycat17 Hormonal imbalance?

Female 20 years old 170 cm I am sexualy active and have one partner. For 6 years now
Hi everyone, I've been on the pill since I was 15. I stopped last year after taking the pill for five years. So I haven't had a normal menstrual cycle for very long.
Now that I have stopped taking the pill, a number of things have happened. 1. I have gained about 10 kilos within a year. (this is certainly not only due to stopping the pill) 2. my period is very painful compared to my period on the pill 3. I am very sensitive to anxiety and panic anyway, this has become more unstable when I have stopped. Mainly a few days before and the first days of my period. 4 more pimples, also hormonal
I am currently not using any contraception that could affect any of the above. Now I would like to ask/know two things. - my doctor says that a mirena coil could help to reduce the above symptoms. - could the above complaints be caused by, for example, a hormonal imbalance or a shortage or excess of a certain hormone?
And lastly is it a good option to take a hormone IUD for if these things are due to an imbalance? Thank you for your time, if you have any questions
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2021.11.30 19:09 b00m Biggest derby in Greece - Aris vs PAOK (2010)

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2021.11.30 19:09 L3m0n_ZTTV Weegee gets new SM64 16 Star WORLD RECORD!

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2021.11.30 19:09 Matts69 Snagged this in a Black Friday sale - Blackstar HT5r mk2 for £349. First proper amp.

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2021.11.30 19:09 kutnor Please someone tell me how did we lose this game

Please please please i am going insane how did we manage to lose this game when they had 4 carries, PLEASE someone look at this game and explain to me because I just cant fathom it, I just want to punch a hole through my monitor
I was the Skywrath
Game id 6299822746
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2021.11.30 19:09 thomas-inman Recovering staked ILV on hacked wallet

So my ETH wallet got compromised, no idea how as of yet, and completely cleaned out. With the exception of the ILV I staked with a 1 year lock up! So I wanted to know if I've got any options other than just being faster than the scumbag who robbed me once the vesting period rolls around? Any ideas welcome.
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2021.11.30 19:09 adumbslife Boys, we have the meats. 😎

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2021.11.30 19:09 dafunkyman Happy National Mousse Day !!! Lol

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2021.11.30 19:09 mapex_139 Aquarium safe tanks

I've had 2 leopard geckos in glass tanks for years now and I'm looking for new aquariums to expand my hobby. JUST now I noticed a black aqaurium temperature sticker on the backside of one of the tanks that I got as a rescue maybe 5 years ago. I never saw it before because it blended with the shelf they sit on.
My question is I have a second tank that does not have any marking for aquarium use. No sticker on the bottom giving me the ok for water. Is there a way I can measure the width of the glass to determine this or just forget it and not risk it. I have actual terrariums I'm going to move the geckos into and then clean and water test the tanks and see if they leak over a 4 week period.
What do y'all think? Give it a go? They are 19 and 29 gallon when measuring LxWxH and calculating from there.
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2021.11.30 19:09 Autonlysian Time to start the pressure?

Education Department Addresses Student Loan Forgiveness Mark Kantrowitz12:54pm EST Richard Cordray, Chief Operating Officer of Federal Student Aid
Education Department Addresses Student Loan Forgiveness
Mark Kantrowitz12:54pm EST Richard Cordray, Chief Operating Officer of Federal Student Aid , reviewed the status of broad student loan forgiveness during a U.S. Department of Education conference for college financial aid administrators.
Student Loan Forgiveness and Debt Relief Richard Cordray, COO of Federal Student Aid, [+] Getty Richard Cordray said that he will not say anything about broad student loan forgiveness, which he called general loan forgiveness, leaving any decisions to the White House.
He did discuss Federal Student Aid’s efforts regarding targeted loan forgiveness and the restart of repayment of federal student loans in February 2022.
Targeted loan forgiveness includes U.S. Department of Education efforts concerning automated disability discharge, borrower defense to repayment discharge, and the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) waiver. The PSLF waiver allows payments made in the FFEL program and in any repayment plan to count toward PSLF, if the borrowers consolidate their loans and/or file a PSLF form through October 31, 2022.
Finally, Richard Cordray discussed the U.S. Department of Educations regarding the restart of repayment of federal student loans in February 2022. These include direct and indirect communications to borrowers, making it easier for borrowers to renew or sign up for auto-debit, and encouraging struggling borrowers to sign up for income-driven repayment.
This is a transcript of the relevant section of Richard Cordray’s remarks:
“Finally, let me address a topic that’s being widely discussed right now, which is student loan forgiveness. To be more precise for our purposes today, it’s really three different but related topics: general loan forgiveness, targeted loan forgiveness programs and the return to repayment.
On general loan forgiveness, many people seem to have a great deal to say, but as the chief of FSA, I do not. Instead, I will simply say it is a decision for the White House to make, not for me. And, whatever they decide, FSA will faithfully implement.
Targeted loan forgiveness programs are a different matter altogether. We are deeply involved in several areas here.
During the summer the Department announced that more than $5.8 billion of Total and Permanent Disability discharges would be granted to several hundred thousand borrowers through a data match with the Social Security Administration. We are working to make that happen.
The Department has also announced multiple rounds of borrower defense discharges for students who have been victimized by failed for-profit schools and we are executing on those discharges as well.
Recently, the Department announced dramatic changes to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. As you know, PSLF has been a hot topic in recent years and has been a source of frustration for many borrowers.
Under a program expansion that the Secretary recently announced, PSLF will reach a broader audience of qualified borrowers, most notably Federal Family Education Loan or FFEL program borrowers who had not previously received any credit for years of payments made on those loans. The goal here is to deliver on the core promise of full loan forgiveness to public servants, servicemembers, teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters and others who have chosen to put their communities before themselves.
A program that so far had delivered relief only to a few thousand recipients, now will expand to reach many more, including hundreds of thousands of borrowers who are seeing their payment counts move forward to the magic ten-year mark to discharge their loans. As you might surmise, FSA is hard at work to carry all this out.
With all these opportunities for student loan relief, I ask for your help in spreading the word. Visit studentaid.gov/announcements for the latest news. Amplify it within your circles and raise any questions or concerns with us so we can address them together. Our customers, the borrowers we serve, are relying on us to deliver for them and we will.
These days I find I cannot talk about FSA’s work without putting a spotlight on what we call Return to Repayment. This is the most pressing issue we face right now.
Tens of millions of student loan borrowers have had their loan payments suspended during the pandemic. Most have made no payments since March 2020. That has been welcome relief, no doubt. But after multiple extensions of the payment pause, the final date to return to repayment has been set now for January 31, 2022.
We recognize that the stakes are extremely high as we face this challenge. Let me tell you how we at FSA intend to approach this task. We will focus on supporting borrowers and their families with clear communications and with an emphasis on execution by our loan servicers.
On the first point, to help people prepare to return to repayment, FSA is executing a communications campaign that includes: a series of email communications direct to borrowers, general awareness messaging on various forms of social media, paid search which will advertise federal student loan resources and information within the results of internet search engines, and working with groups of all kinds – community groups, alumni associations, labor unions, professional organizations, many of you – to share information and spread the word.
We are informing borrowers about their options, such as signing up or renewing their enrollment in our auto-debit program. which is the easiest way to make their monthly payments.
We also are encouraging borrowers to sign up for income-driven repayment plans, if they need help making their monthly payments more affordable.
But FSA cannot do this alone. We need strong partners like you to be effective. You do not want to see your cohort default rates spike because borrowers are confused or reluctant to start repaying their loans again, some of them for the first time ever. It is not a positive for any borrower to slip into delinquency and then default, regardless of the reasons. We need all of you to help people get this right.
There is nothing abstract about the challenges we face. The students, families and borrowers we serve are you and your children. They are me and mine. For example, this spring my wife and I had the distinct pleasure of watching our twins receive their college diplomas. I’m sure you can appreciate the emotions that parents feel when they see their children reaching a milestone that took many years of dedication and effort to achieve. The higher education they receive will help them succeed in handling the challenges that life is sure to throw at them.
By virtue of the work we do, we share the goal of helping more young people seize the same opportunities to learn, and grow, and flourish. We can change the trajectory of their lives by helping them realize fulfilling and productive careers.
If we can do that, we also will strengthen the capacity of American society to meet the global challenges that we face today and in the coming years. As each student succeeds, we all succeed.
This idea is ingrained in the mission of FSA, which is, at its core, to enable the American dream. So, that is what we must aim to do, together.“
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2021.11.30 19:09 DraeDraeGoat I was at a beach in San Diego and this the only toiled they had. Had to take a shit in this bathroom. Since the stalls so short I made eye contact with someone in the other stall while I was wiping my ass. And my door didn’t lock so I had to pull towards me whenever I heard footsteps.

I was at a beach in San Diego and this the only toiled they had. Had to take a shit in this bathroom. Since the stalls so short I made eye contact with someone in the other stall while I was wiping my ass. And my door didn’t lock so I had to pull towards me whenever I heard footsteps. submitted by DraeDraeGoat to YourRAGE [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 19:09 qubitrenegade Inter-Process Communication with MaxMSP? (or can I expose an HTTP API somehow?)

I'd like to be able to control a Max patch with another piece of software. I think the easiest would be to just expose an HTTP API that I could call http://localhost:8675/api/foo and that sends a bang to the foo object...
Is there an external or hopefully something built it and I'm not using the right search term?
Any other ideas?
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2021.11.30 19:09 swigpur3p293oseful ExoNova | Ya can make passive profit as simple as possible | Fully Community-driven | Nova token EZ X50

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2021.11.30 19:09 soph_wallace Can’t believe how fast my baby has grown! Pic on the right is from March. Pic on the left is today

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2021.11.30 19:09 ThatDudeGamer22 Why is bf2 so laggy

Im trying to enjoy bf2 multiplayer i have a 102.2mbs internet connection which is better then what i used to have and im also on a ps5 but the game is still super laggy to the point it becomes unplayable does anyone have suggestions to fix this stupid lag
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2021.11.30 19:09 davetenhave Procedural storytelling is exploding the possibilities of video game narratives

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2021.11.30 19:09 CloneofKahless Is my workplace typical for analytics or should I look elsewhere?

Hi all.
Reading over this, it is a bit of a rant. I appreciate any time y'all can give me as I genuinely don't know if I am dealing with typical office job type of stuff or if this kind of stuff is rampant in the data analytics field.
I work as a data analyst on a relatively small team. I like data engineering and building dashboards/visualizations. I have some statistics education so I believe I am capable of more complex modeling but, to be honest, I get pretty nervous when I have to use more advanced methods as I am not very sure of myself. I'm always nervous I am interpreting things wrong but I don't feel there is anyone on my team I can go to for feedback. Typical response are: "yeah, I don't really remember, sorry"; "Why are you asking me? You are better at math/programming than I am."; "good job working on that! you'll figure it out" which kind of deflates me because I try my best to teach others and share my knowledge on and off my team.
Here is my list of grievances, heh.
First: As much as I'd like to think my work is perfect, there is no peer review process in place and I've never received a single piece of negative feedback from anyone. It's all, "yep looks good." Everything anyone does on our team is just accepted in its first draft without regard for whether it is actually useful to the end user... and it really bothers me because I want to do a good job. I am not a "hustler" type of personality and am pretty protective of my work-life balance but I like to make sure what I am doing is actually useful.
My management is just very hands-off. In some ways, I like this. I have some flexibility to choose a lot of my own work and the expectations set by them are low which is good for depressive episodes where I find I'm not able to produce much for a bit.
Second: Projects are not well-defined. When a project is floated by management, there is no action plan behind it and no one is really directly assigned anything. Then, months later, they'll be like WOW WE REALLY NEED TO GET THIS DONE only to not mention it again for a year.
Recently, they have been really into predictive analytics because one of them watched a Facebook documentary or something. They suggested we build a dashboard that contains the output for a predictive model but we do not have a data element in our database for that outcome - or even a suitable proxy I can think of - and when I point this out and ask for what they're going to use as their outcome variable, there is kind of this "well, you'll figure something out" sort of attitude. Even when I ask what I think are easy questions like who the intended audience is for a work product, I often get a vague answer back. Eventually, they decide they want this model and dashboard to go to their executive management. I say, Ok, what does executive management need to know? The response: They didn't ask for this. We just want to show them what we can do.
? This will be a lot of work and we don't know if they even want this information?
So, I've decided to just create my own projects that I find interesting by asking people what they would like to see or need help with and on some level, that is cool because I'm a lot better at automating things but I can't help but think it would be nice to have more clearly defined requirements and expectations in my job.
Third, distribution of work across the team is not transparent. When we used to have team meetings/explain what we were doing, I'd have my colleagues consistently say -- Wow, you are doing so much/you are so busy. -- and it feels like any time something that is anything but extremely routine comes across my supervisor's desk, I am asked to do it -- even if I am already doing a lot more than others on the team. The justification is frequently "you do it faster" but I do it faster because I've pushed myself through these types of problems more often? How do other people get experience doing these things if I am always the one to do them? I have become better in the past year of advocating for myself and managing up when I have more work than I am comfortable with but it is getting kind of depressing to have to do that. I don't feel respected.
Fourth, promotion does not seem to be based at all on performance. I do very well in my performance reviews and while I am not buddy-buddy with people I work with, I am professional and polite. Yet, a colleague who has a reputation for being lazy and inappropriate - people from other teams have literally come to me to complain about him - but is friends with my supervisor manages to weasel himself into promotion after promotion and will soon be my second supervisor (two supervisors over five people?) This guy doesn't even try to hide that he isn't doing anything -- he'll almost brag about it -- and frequently ignores emails because he "doesn't want to deal with that." Then, his work falls onto me and I do it because it needs to get done.
Finally, my managers don't even seem to really care about what I'm doing. When I try to explain where I am at in my work, they have literally said "I don't care about the details of what you're working on. Just tell me if you have something you need me to make a decision on."
Is this kind of behavior just what I should expect in analytics or even just office-based work and I should make my peace with it? Or might I feel better if I try a different team and work environment that is a bit more structured? How is work distributed on your team and how are projects planned (if at all)?
Thanks again for your time!
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2021.11.30 19:09 Meteostar [Update] Glorious Vault (+1 Cost)

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2021.11.30 19:09 MyIpodStillWorks Ying/Yang

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