look at my cpu

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2021.10.22 17:13 JosephStalin1953 look at my cpu

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2021.10.22 17:13 Severe_Ad_364 Borat Subsequent MovieFilm?

Just noticed that Borat Subsequent Moviefilm was streaming on Amazon Prime Japan and I‍ concept it wasn't released in America until midnight Friday, October 23 PDT...which isn't for a few more hours. Did Japan just get an early screening? I know where my next 1.5 hours are going.
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2021.10.22 17:13 Impossible_Beyond376 In Dire Need

I am in need of a mentor to help me in running my Shopify dropshipping store.
If anybody knows somebody that has done at least 6 figures in sales and loves a good challenge, please reply at:
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2021.10.22 17:13 k1ngxgeorge Don’t get distracted. This is Phunware. BOA sold off 95% of its shares after that 100%+ run up. Stay away from Phun and DWAC. Don’t give them ammo.

Don’t get distracted. This is Phunware. BOA sold off 95% of its shares after that 100%+ run up. Stay away from Phun and DWAC. Don’t give them ammo. submitted by k1ngxgeorge to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 17:13 Nyu2112 No reward for Worlds viewing mission.

After getting thewatching worlds 3 of 3 mission the progress is stuck on 2/25 even tho i watched the games on lolesports.com and got the confirmation to get rewards. I got some capsules from watching. Bu as i had to log in quarterfinalist winners i got no reward for it/still got the mission as unfinished.
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2021.10.22 17:13 cosmichulk Crypto.com Referral Code ~ get $25 USD sign up bonus. Available in over 31 countries

Sign up for crypto.com to get $25 USD. Bonus locked until you stake for a card. Buy and sell and earn interest on your crypto deposits!
Sign up link : https://platinum.crypto.com/ckwd7h8f5w
Code : ckwd7h8f5w
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2021.10.22 17:13 DogeyKid Is reddit extremely dry for anyone else or is that just me?

Whenever I’m bored, I open this godforsaken app and leave more bored than how I started. There is no good content it seems.
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2021.10.22 17:13 illustrious-cream-01 Should I get lip filler?

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2021.10.22 17:13 Inner_Ad_4899 💵 UP BITCOIN SV 💵 Stealth Launch 💵 Listed On PancakeSwap 💵 Liquidity locked 💵

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2021.10.22 17:13 WunderStug Just finished building the HG Wing Gundam Zero. I highly recommend getting this kit.

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2021.10.22 17:13 hatwearer2034 Lock of the Week: Week 7

We got the win, now we need to stay the course.
The sub is now 17k strong so for anyone new to the subreddit here’s a refresher on the rules: I will comment with a number of teams. Upvote your lock to LOCK IT UP. Team with the most upvotes will be our LOCK OF THE WEEK.
There is no need for you to post the name of a team
Certain teams may be ruled exempt from the voting if LOCKING this team up would result in an overwhelmingly inability to look in the mirror.
The Lock of the Week will be decided by Saturday 23:00 BST / 18:00 ET / 15:00 PT
Full list of games here
Exempted Teams: Broncos, Browns
30 teams: 6 teams on bye, 2 team(s) exempted: 24 teams
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2021.10.22 17:13 amalgamatedson Any SH islands open?

My Nook’s is closed, but I’m still trying to gather specimens for Blathers.
Or if you’re a NH locale, I could just pop over for some shopping. Point is, I wanna fly.
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2021.10.22 17:13 lopdragon Remembering what items I had equipped when everything is forcefully unequipped

I am on the verge of an emotional breakdown over the stupidest thing. I'm at a point in the game (WotR) where my party has been thrown in prison and all of our items stolen. I find them in a chest nearby. No big deal. But everything has been unequipped and I CANNOT remember who had what.
I could go back to an earlier save and painstakingly write it all down, taken screenshots etc.
But WHY should I have to spend so much time and effort to do that? Why the hell can't the game just put everything back how it was? I am not having a good time at all.
I'm seriously more than a little pissed off and I had to close the game. 6 characters + my animal companion and I'm just supposed to know, out of the hundreds of items in my inventory, I had equipped on all of them? What a nightmare!
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2021.10.22 17:13 lindseeeb Contractor lawn signs: proper etiquette

Okay, hear me out. We have a neighbor and contractor who has done a few jobs for us recently: removing a tree and re-doing the concrete driveway. Each time he left a sign in our yard which is fine but this last time we took it down after a week and he asked if we still had it. Is there a customary time to keep this up for? Tbh the sign is rather hideous and we were going out of town.
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2021.10.22 17:13 abbbbbbbywhee What is the worst social media platform?

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2021.10.22 17:13 Responsible_Salad926 Obrigado!

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2021.10.22 17:13 MayThePunBeWithYou LF: Shiny event Zacian, FT: Shiny event Zamazenta (Trade via Home)

I can trade via home, as I don’t have the online pass.
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2021.10.22 17:13 xkeepondreamin What’s more likely to happen: WW3, or humans solving climate change?

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2021.10.22 17:13 A1ways85 Tiramisu Inspired Dessert?

I recently had tiramisu for the first time. I LOVED the flavor. Coffee, slight, bitterness, creamy, amazing. I was not a big fan of the ladyfingers though. (Forgive me, I dislike anything remotely leaning toward soggy.). Does anyone have a dessert recipe that has the flavors of tiramisu, but isn’t? I tried googling, but I was uninspired. I figured if anyone had a recipe, it would be y’all!
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2021.10.22 17:13 danielturtle3 Darkrai adding ten

9331 7108 2496
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2021.10.22 17:13 Stojan85 Darkrai 9643 3218 0657 and 0578 5231 0887 BE ONLINE JOIN FAST

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2021.10.22 17:13 nii1245 Have u ever make food with marijuana? Tell about your experience😋

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2021.10.22 17:13 Trade77 Polkacity Game UI, Art, Design, and in-game Chat

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2021.10.22 17:13 HeinieKaboobler Belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theories linked to a greater likelihood of contracting the virus, study finds

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2021.10.22 17:13 imawcezanne LA based musician Trevour Amunga latest EP 'For Akira' is innovative and thought-provoking!

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