The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

The Powerhouse acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the ancestral homelands upon which our museums are situated. We respect their Elders, past, present and future and recognise their continuous connection to Country. Powerhouse is an innovation firm that works with leading global corporations to help them find, partner with, invest in, and acquire the most innovative startups in clean energy, mobility, and climate. Powerhouse Ventures is a venture fund that backs founding teams building innovative software to rapidly transform our global energy and mobility systems. 210k Followers, 3,290 Following, 3,071 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym (@bevsgym) For information and updates regarding COVID-19’s impact on campus, please visit CSU Energy Institute Developing innovative solutions to energy and climate challenges that achieve global impact. The Energy Institute delivers real-world energy and climate solutions that address society’s most pressing global challenges. Our work is made possible thanks to support from ... Fall Hours at The Powerhouse! Come enjoy some science by the river! 100% of staff members* are FULLY VACCINATED! Exhibit Gallery Hours Sunday: 9:00am-4:00pm Monday: Closed! Tuesday: 9:00am-4:00pm Wednesday: Closed! Thursday: 9:00am-4:00pm Friday: Volunteers provide vital support throughout the museum, assisting with special events and museum programs, and lending a helping hand to staff behind-the-scenes. From teenagers to seniors; science novices to science professionals, it takes all types to make us a Powerhouse. Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym - The East Coast Mecca of Bodybuilding - is the world famous fitness center in Long Island. Located in Syosset, NY and owned by Bev Francis and Steve Weinberger. Award-winning architecture firm with offices in Rotterdam, Oslo, Munich and Beijing. We give meaning to space through profound form and function. powerhouse co.,ltd 株式会社パワーハウス. 本社 : 川崎市川崎区浜町3丁目1番3号 powerhouse/8f or 7f 電話 : 044-329-6800(代表) 定休日: 祝祭日 Armstrong Powerhouse - Quality Train Simulator Add-ons. JGA-K/PHA Wagon Pack Released! We are pleased to announce the release of a new wagon pack; the JGA-K/PHA Wagon Pack.. From their introduction in 1986 to withdrawal in 2020, these wagons transported aggregate from Bardon Hill Quarry in Leicestershire to London terminals, as well as Tinsley (Sheffield) & Pengam (South Wales).

2021.10.22 15:51 Ryan_the_scp_lover The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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2021.10.22 15:51 Straight_Subject710 🚀PrinceShiba Next 100X BSC GEM 💎Launched on Pancakeswap | Low Market Cap | Stealth Launched | Join Now

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🔹I aim to be 100% transparent in everything I do, I want to make this a fun project that makes history!
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2021.10.22 15:51 apocalypsbunny gender? najimi.

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2021.10.22 15:51 smartybrome Graphic Design MasterClass- Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign

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2021.10.22 15:51 merlincycle everratchet sliding off key ring at narrow point

just find a fatter key ring? ratchet is brand new so it’s not a function of wearing down over time.
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2021.10.22 15:51 LaMajorite Was ich heute lernte: Die Habachtstellung

Bis zum heutigen Tage hatte ich mich immer gewundert, warum man "Halb-Acht-Stellung" sagt. Ich dachte, dass das was mit der frühen Uhrzeit zu tun haben könnte. Heute habe ich verstanden, dass es Hab-Acht-Stellung (im Sinne von "sei achstsam/vorsichtig") heißt. Hat das außer mir noch jemand falsch verstanden?
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2021.10.22 15:51 ollieboio bing bong jean de carrouges


type=male id=0 genes={ hair\_color={ 191 180 191 180 } skin\_color={ 1 97 1 97 } eye\_color={ 178 173 178 173 } gene\_chin\_forward={ "chin\_forward\_neg" 117 "chin\_forward\_neg" 117 } gene\_chin\_height={ "chin\_height\_pos" 112 "chin\_height\_pos" 112 } gene\_chin\_width={ "chin\_width\_neg" 111 "chin\_width\_neg" 111 } gene\_eye\_angle={ "eye\_angle\_neg" 126 "eye\_angle\_neg" 126 } gene\_eye\_depth={ "eye\_depth\_neg" 118 "eye\_depth\_neg" 118 } gene\_eye\_height={ "eye\_height\_pos" 138 "eye\_height\_pos" 138 } gene\_eye\_distance={ "eye\_distance\_pos" 133 "eye\_distance\_pos" 133 } gene\_eye\_shut={ "eye\_shut\_pos" 127 "eye\_shut\_pos" 127 } gene\_forehead\_angle={ "forehead\_angle\_neg" 102 "forehead\_angle\_neg" 102 } gene\_forehead\_brow\_height={ "forehead\_brow\_height\_pos" 137 "forehead\_brow\_height\_pos" 137 } gene\_forehead\_roundness={ "forehead\_roundness\_neg" 127 "forehead\_roundness\_neg" 127 } gene\_forehead\_width={ "forehead\_width\_pos" 132 "forehead\_width\_pos" 132 } gene\_forehead\_height={ "forehead\_height\_neg" 102 "forehead\_height\_neg" 102 } gene\_head\_height={ "head\_height\_neg" 141 "head\_height\_neg" 141 } gene\_head\_width={ "head\_width\_pos" 107 "head\_width\_pos" 107 } gene\_head\_profile={ "head\_profile\_pos" 118 "head\_profile\_pos" 118 } gene\_head\_top\_height={ "head\_top\_height\_neg" 142 "head\_top\_height\_neg" 142 } gene\_head\_top\_width={ "head\_top\_width\_pos" 151 "head\_top\_width\_pos" 151 } gene\_jaw\_angle={ "jaw\_angle\_neg" 122 "jaw\_angle\_neg" 122 } gene\_jaw\_forward={ "jaw\_forward\_neg" 124 "jaw\_forward\_neg" 124 } gene\_jaw\_height={ "jaw\_height\_pos" 128 "jaw\_height\_pos" 128 } gene\_jaw\_width={ "jaw\_width\_neg" 114 "jaw\_width\_neg" 114 } gene\_mouth\_corner\_depth={ "mouth\_corner\_depth\_neg" 117 "mouth\_corner\_depth\_neg" 117 } gene\_mouth\_corner\_height={ "mouth\_corner\_height\_pos" 132 "mouth\_corner\_height\_pos" 132 } gene\_mouth\_forward={ "mouth\_forward\_neg" 122 "mouth\_forward\_neg" 122 } gene\_mouth\_height={ "mouth\_height\_neg" 102 "mouth\_height\_neg" 102 } gene\_mouth\_width={ "mouth\_width\_pos" 127 "mouth\_width\_pos" 127 } gene\_mouth\_upper\_lip\_size={ "mouth\_upper\_lip\_size\_neg" 102 "mouth\_upper\_lip\_size\_neg" 102 } gene\_mouth\_lower\_lip\_size={ "mouth\_lower\_lip\_size\_neg" 102 "mouth\_lower\_lip\_size\_neg" 102 } gene\_mouth\_open={ "mouth\_open\_neg" 125 "mouth\_open\_neg" 125 } gene\_neck\_length={ "neck\_length\_neg" 114 "neck\_length\_neg" 114 } gene\_neck\_width={ "neck\_width\_pos" 102 "neck\_width\_pos" 102 } gene\_bs\_cheek\_forward={ "cheek\_forward\_neg" 59 "cheek\_forward\_neg" 9 } gene\_bs\_cheek\_height={ "cheek\_height\_pos" 13 "cheek\_height\_pos" 42 } gene\_bs\_cheek\_width={ "cheek\_width\_pos" 15 "cheek\_width\_pos" 31 } gene\_bs\_ear\_angle={ "ear\_angle\_pos" 82 "ear\_angle\_pos" 82 } gene\_bs\_ear\_inner\_shape={ "ear\_inner\_shape\_pos" 120 "ear\_inner\_shape\_pos" 120 } gene\_bs\_ear\_bend={ "ear\_both\_bend\_pos" 21 "ear\_both\_bend\_pos" 21 } gene\_bs\_ear\_outward={ "ear\_outward\_neg" 9 "ear\_outward\_neg" 9 } gene\_bs\_ear\_size={ "ear\_size\_neg" 29 "ear\_size\_neg" 29 } gene\_bs\_eye\_corner\_depth={ "eye\_corner\_depth\_neg" 39 "eye\_corner\_depth\_neg" 39 } gene\_bs\_eye\_fold\_shape={ "eye\_fold\_shape\_pos" 10 "eye\_fold\_shape\_pos" 10 } gene\_bs\_eye\_size={ "eye\_size\_neg" 37 "eye\_size\_neg" 37 } gene\_bs\_eye\_upper\_lid\_size={ "eye\_upper\_lid\_size\_neg" 5 "eye\_upper\_lid\_size\_neg" 5 } gene\_bs\_forehead\_brow\_curve={ "forehead\_brow\_curve\_neg" 113 "forehead\_brow\_curve\_neg" 8 } gene\_bs\_forehead\_brow\_forward={ "forehead\_brow\_forward\_neg" 107 "forehead\_brow\_forward\_neg" 33 } gene\_bs\_forehead\_brow\_inner\_height={ "forehead\_brow\_inner\_height\_neg" 94 "forehead\_brow\_inner\_height\_neg" 94 } gene\_bs\_forehead\_brow\_outer\_height={ "forehead\_brow\_outer\_height\_neg" 1 "forehead\_brow\_outer\_height\_neg" 1 } gene\_bs\_forehead\_brow\_width={ "forehead\_brow\_width\_neg" 36 "forehead\_brow\_width\_neg" 36 } gene\_bs\_jaw\_def={ "jaw\_def\_pos" 123 "jaw\_def\_pos" 123 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_lower\_lip\_def={ "mouth\_lower\_lip\_def\_pos" 106 "mouth\_lower\_lip\_def\_pos" 106 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_lower\_lip\_full={ "mouth\_lower\_lip\_full\_pos" 21 "mouth\_lower\_lip\_full\_pos" 21 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_lower\_lip\_pad={ "mouth\_lower\_lip\_pad\_pos" 145 "mouth\_lower\_lip\_pad\_pos" 145 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_lower\_lip\_width={ "mouth\_lower\_lip\_width\_pos" 0 "mouth\_lower\_lip\_width\_pos" 0 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_philtrum\_def={ "mouth\_philtrum\_def\_pos" 35 "mouth\_philtrum\_def\_pos" 35 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_philtrum\_shape={ "mouth\_philtrum\_shape\_pos" 17 "mouth\_philtrum\_shape\_pos" 17 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_philtrum\_width={ "mouth\_philtrum\_width\_neg" 50 "mouth\_philtrum\_width\_neg" 50 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_upper\_lip\_def={ "mouth\_upper\_lip\_def\_pos" 23 "mouth\_upper\_lip\_def\_pos" 23 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_upper\_lip\_full={ "mouth\_upper\_lip\_full\_pos" 16 "mouth\_upper\_lip\_full\_pos" 16 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_upper\_lip\_profile={ "mouth\_upper\_lip\_profile\_pos" 88 "mouth\_upper\_lip\_profile\_pos" 88 } gene\_bs\_mouth\_upper\_lip\_width={ "mouth\_upper\_lip\_width\_neg" 96 "mouth\_upper\_lip\_width\_neg" 96 } gene\_bs\_nose\_forward={ "nose\_forward\_neg" 27 "nose\_forward\_neg" 27 } gene\_bs\_nose\_height={ "nose\_height\_neg" 42 "nose\_height\_neg" 42 } gene\_bs\_nose\_length={ "nose\_length\_neg" 13 "nose\_length\_neg" 13 } gene\_bs\_nose\_nostril\_height={ "nose\_nostril\_height\_pos" 84 "nose\_nostril\_height\_pos" 84 } gene\_bs\_nose\_nostril\_width={ "nose\_nostril\_width\_neg" 84 "nose\_nostril\_width\_neg" 84 } gene\_bs\_nose\_profile={ "nose\_profile\_hawk\_pos" 30 "nose\_profile\_hawk\_pos" 30 } gene\_bs\_nose\_ridge\_angle={ "nose\_ridge\_angle\_neg" 22 "nose\_ridge\_angle\_neg" 22 } gene\_bs\_nose\_ridge\_width={ "nose\_ridge\_width\_pos" 9 "nose\_ridge\_width\_pos" 9 } gene\_bs\_nose\_size={ "nose\_size\_pos" 20 "nose\_size\_pos" 20 } gene\_bs\_nose\_tip\_angle={ "nose\_tip\_angle\_neg" 11 "nose\_tip\_angle\_neg" 11 } gene\_bs\_nose\_tip\_forward={ "nose\_tip\_forward\_neg" 45 "nose\_tip\_forward\_neg" 45 } gene\_bs\_nose\_tip\_width={ "nose\_tip\_width\_neg" 194 "nose\_tip\_width\_neg" 194 } face\_detail\_cheek\_def={ "cheek\_def\_02" 119 "cheek\_def\_02" 66 } face\_detail\_cheek\_fat={ "cheek\_fat\_01\_pos" 45 "cheek\_fat\_01\_pos" 146 } face\_detail\_chin\_cleft={ "chin\_dimple" 10 "chin\_dimple" 21 } face\_detail\_chin\_def={ "chin\_def" 79 "chin\_def" 10 } face\_detail\_eye\_lower\_lid\_def={ "eye\_lower\_lid\_def" 140 "eye\_lower\_lid\_def" 140 } face\_detail\_eye\_socket={ "eye\_socket\_02" 216 "eye\_socket\_02" 216 } face\_detail\_nasolabial={ "nasolabial\_01" 2 "nasolabial\_01" 2 } face\_detail\_nose\_ridge\_def={ "nose\_ridge\_def\_pos" 22 "nose\_ridge\_def\_pos" 22 } face\_detail\_nose\_tip\_def={ "nose\_tip\_def" 79 "nose\_tip\_def" 79 } face\_detail\_temple\_def={ "temple\_def" 218 "temple\_def" 218 } expression\_brow\_wrinkles={ "brow\_wrinkles\_03" 141 "brow\_wrinkles\_03" 141 } expression\_eye\_wrinkles={ "eye\_wrinkles\_01" 178 "eye\_wrinkles\_01" 178 } expression\_forehead\_wrinkles={ "forehead\_wrinkles\_01" 58 "forehead\_wrinkles\_01" 58 } expression\_other={ "cheek\_wrinkles\_both\_01" 0 "cheek\_wrinkles\_both\_01" 0 } complexion={ "complexion\_beauty\_1" 255 "complexion\_5" 201 } gene\_height={ "normal\_height" 148 "normal\_height" 148 } gene\_bs\_body\_type={ "body\_fat\_head\_fat\_medium" 125 "body\_fat\_head\_fat\_medium" 137 } gene\_bs\_body\_shape={ "body\_shape\_average\_clothed" 236 "body\_shape\_apple\_half" 12 } gene\_bs\_bust={ "bust\_clothes" 147 "bust\_shape\_2\_full" 147 } gene\_age={ "old\_2" 24 "old\_2" 24 } gene\_eyebrows\_shape={ "avg\_spacing\_low\_thickness" 154 "avg\_spacing\_low\_thickness" 154 } gene\_eyebrows\_fullness={ "layer\_2\_avg\_thickness" 139 "layer\_2\_avg\_thickness" 139 } gene\_body\_hair={ "body\_hair\_sparse" 168 "body\_hair\_sparse" 168 } gene\_hair\_type={ "hair\_straight" 128 "hair\_straight" 128 } gene\_baldness={ "no\_baldness" 127 "no\_baldness" 127 } eye\_accessory={ "normal\_eyes" 95 "normal\_eyes" 95 } teeth\_accessory={ "normal\_teeth" 0 "normal\_teeth" 0 } eyelashes\_accessory={ "normal\_eyelashes" 215 "normal\_eyelashes" 215 } gene\_scars\_battle={ "scars\_battle" 255 "scars\_battle" 0 } beards={ "fp1\_beards\_straight" 84 "no\_beard" 0 } hairstyles={ "fp1\_hairstyles\_straight" 190 "all\_hairstyles" 0 } clothes={ "western\_bedchamber" 95 "most\_clothes" 0 } 
override={ portrait\_modifier\_overrides={ custom\_beards=male\_beard\_fp1\_02 custom\_hair=male\_hair\_fp1\_07 } } 

entity={ 0 0 } 
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2021.10.22 15:51 draw_it_now Need tips for custom campaign

I had the idea to create a bunch of religions based on modern Political Ideologies. My thought is that I will take over a kingdom-level title, and every time I create a new religion, I will make one of my dynasty the king and grant them independence. Rinse and repeat until I have loads of silly religions. Does anyone have any tips of how best to achieve this?
The religions I want to create are;

Social Democracy
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2021.10.22 15:51 lucky_oye Good pubs to watch football games?

I'm a fan of Manchester United and I've recently moved to Coventry from India. Any good pubs around Coventry and Birmingham that screen football matches and have great atmosphere to watch games in?
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2021.10.22 15:51 Sakarmeke Gravis.Finance: Gamified DeFi ecosystem. (A)Steroid Mining, Smart NFT assests, Multichain, Cross-chain, High profit yield farming. New lootboxes are available for Captains owners and Public.

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2021.10.22 15:51 beebopjenkins Pit bulls really are the ‘most misunderstood breed’ now.

Thanks to the nutters, almost everybody needs to be re-educated on the true nature of this breed. 🙄
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2021.10.22 15:51 TheDrSloth Our bodies are so well evolved yet suck sometimes.

Does anyone else find it crazy that our bodies have evolved to produce more saliva to protect our teeth when we vomit yet for some reason I am absolutely crippled if I get hit in the balls.
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2021.10.22 15:51 coolspacecity Looking to buy genshin account

Looking for a ganyu you account with or without other 5 stars
can go up to 100 depending on what’s offered
(Using normal gift card that works for all types of paying platforms)
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2021.10.22 15:51 cjdavis42 Bethesda look away

After watching Angry Turtle's latest video, you can now purchase the Hellcat Jetpack mod from Regs and use it to craft a jetpack on your excavator power armor.

That is all.

Nothing to see here Bethesda.
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2021.10.22 15:51 Faiq_Azam [Hiring] if you are looking for someone who can convert your video into an SEO Optimized article

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I will work in English, Urdu and Hindi Languages...
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2021.10.22 15:51 zapatitotrol satisfactorio

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2021.10.22 15:51 BassBurr25 Bella Thorne knows we’re staring

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2021.10.22 15:51 Xzisst What is a simple fact most people don't know or understand?

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2021.10.22 15:51 Zartron81 Does anyone here got pics of the fangoria issue about the Halloween Kills pratical effects?

Since the magazine is not avaiable in my country, I was wondering if someone here had some pics of the fangoria issue about the pratical effects used for the gore in halloween kills, since I was curious to see how they did everything!
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2021.10.22 15:51 Triggerdamus OOOOOOOF!

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2021.10.22 15:51 qubine Rollerbones team Vs Sure-grip fame artistic -- same rink session, same length of time skating, but the Sure-grips picked up much more rink gunk! We cleaned them after this, there's definitely more ~stuff~ on the Sure-grip wheels. Anyone else found that some wheels just pick up dirt more easily?

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2021.10.22 15:51 Locksmith9068 Best scanners

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2021.10.22 15:51 dawnpetrak Out of body dream?

Hi all, I don’t typically post but I don’t have anyone to talk to about this. I was just taking a nap and fell asleep. A few minutes later I woke up, With my eyes still shut, I came out of my body. I could run so fast, float, and fly. Then my experience turned into a dream but I was aware I was in a dream. In the dream I died and came back into my spirit, I did a few things as a spirit and then “woke” up. Does this make any sense? Do you think it means something? I have been on the spiritual journey for 5 years now but this year has been different, more premonitions, more synchronicities and I keep seeing 11:11 and 10:11. Tia!
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2021.10.22 15:51 FoamingAction who is this coach? i see him on wall at billy sims bbq. no one here knows

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2021.10.22 15:51 PaRaSiTe576 A View From The Top Of The World second listen, my thoughts song by song as I go

Hi all!
I'm about to listen to this album for the second time so i thought to post my thoughts as I go, song by song, and give my overall thoughts what i think of the album at the end. This won't be a deep analysis at all, but just my thoughts as they come to my mind when I'm listening through this album.
The Alien

Answering the Call
Invisible Monster
Sleeping Giant
Transcending Time
Awaken the Master
Pt.1 the crowning glory
Pt. 2 rapture of the deep
Pt.3 the driving force
Here you go!! I didn't expect to come off from this listen thinking that Trancending Time and Awaken the Master are the weakest songs for me on this album, though its super early to actually do any kind of ranking yet. I definitely can't say which songs are my favorite. None of the songs are bad and some of the songs here are fantastic. Sonically just incredible job too. I felt that DoT was one of the best sounding DT albums ever, but this one just somehow manages to sound even better. Also, I'm beyond happy that DT still makes music and that it is still this good.
Enjoy the album people, it's really good and at least it is probably the best sounding DT album ever(:
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