Hi . I get this email yesterday. I applied for reconsideration for my loan to be approved. Any idea what and when I expect to hear from them . Thank you all

I messaged you man if you have a min would mean alot! @mherbert82 im leaving for the air force soon so it'd be awesome to get with you before I go. 51w 1 like Reply. mark_bergen_badge. ... G00d and fine to all my people. 42w Reply. mr.samedov.az. hi. 42w Reply. ethanconley_3. Click to see our best Video content. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Sustainable Celebs We Stan: Millie Bobby Brown Hi Doug thanks for all the info you provide. I think I have my own retirement income all sorted out (or will when my GIS actually kicks in and then gets adjusted) was on cppd now retired already a 400 leap in income ?. My question is in regards to advice I gave someone: a person in BC on provincial only disability. Hi! I would like to hear your opinion about my letter intent for shifting courses. Because of this, they must be personal. instructions to determine whether additional enclosures, such as appeal forms, chart notes, test results, and supporting literature, may also be necessary. Online Dictionaries: Translation Dictionary English Dictionary French English English French Spanish English English Spanish: Portuguese English English Portuguese German English English German Dutch English English Dutch 49 Likes, 1 Comments - University of Central Arkansas (@ucabears) on Instagram: “Your gift provides UCA students with scholarships, programs, invaluable learning opportunities and…” Browse our listings to find jobs in Germany for expats, including jobs for English speakers or those in your native language. Any reader can search newspapers.com by registering. There is a fee for seeing pages and other features. Papers from more than 30 days ago are available, all the way back to 1881. Teddy>>> You have the opportunity to request reconsideration up to three times> i suggest getting a financial need document created to submit documentation showing your need due to the effects of covid19 and how your business would benefit by receiving an eidl loan and how you would be more than able to adhere to the repayment of the loan.

2021.10.22 16:52 Chicanom Hi . I get this email yesterday. I applied for reconsideration for my loan to be approved. Any idea what and when I expect to hear from them . Thank you all

Hi . I get this email yesterday. I applied for reconsideration for my loan to be approved. Any idea what and when I expect to hear from them . Thank you all submitted by Chicanom to EIDL [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:52 MixMystery [Breeds] Looking for my perfect dog!

Hello! I'm an online college student working from home part-time (basically I spend a lot of time at home lol) and I'm looking for a dog that can be my buddy! I adore Corgis but I definitely want to make sure I know what else is out there, as well as see whether a Corgi might be right for me. Thanks in advance for reading!

Care Commitments
Personal Preferences
Dog Personality and Behavior
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2021.10.22 16:52 BeaconIcon Are there any protests planned for the alt-right convention going on this weekend?

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2021.10.22 16:52 MemesDr I didn't know this game had square tsunamis

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2021.10.22 16:52 venkelos1 A Fitting Ability For Disjunction?

So, I've been flipping through my 5e books, and there's the stat block for Iggwilv the Witch Queen. It seems that 5e might be trying a different format for spellcasting NPCs, where instead of our archmages having the Spellcasting feature you might see on p.342 of the Monster Manual, with prepared spells, slots/day, etc., they are "streamlining" it to a couple actions (cantrips), maybe a recharge ability, like how dragon breath weapons work, and a shorter list of at will, 3/day, and 1/day abilities, more akin to the Innate Spellcasting feature many other creatures have. We can all think of it what we will; I know some folks seem to like it for making their DMing job simpler, while others don't like it, because it craps on things like counterspell and spell disruption, but let's just say it's the way of the future, for this one.
I want to make a comparable stat block for Mordenkainen; another archwizard whose rubbed shoulders with Iggwilv, and appeared in two 5e books I'm aware of. I won't say where, but he's usually depicted as just an archmage. That's fine, I guess, but if the Witch Queen needs a full custom block, a much higher CR, and such, it could be fun for Mordie to have the same. Personally, I prefer the older, archmage Spellcasting feature, but if we go this route, it could be neat to give Mordenkainen a feature, or two, that reflect his own contributions to the Art.
Now, I doubt anyone else really misses Mordenkainen's disjunction; it was a very powerful spell, back in 3e, and could permanently disenchant even upper-tier magical items. With the way of magic items in 5e, permanent loss of them is unwanted, and I get that, but I'm looking for something similar; some sort of Action he can use, some amount of times, that disrupts magic items and spell effects within a 75ft radius of him. For items, maybe it makes them function like they are in an antimagic zone for a day, or something, and it wrecks other spells in its area like 9th-level dispel magic would? It's powerful, but this is Mordenkainen, and assuming he's more of a CR 20 build, too boot.
Anyone have any other ideas on an Iggwilv-build-style action Mordenkainen could have to encapsulate his most fearsome spell, and in a very potent way, but not one that completely breaks 5e, or just spreads bad feelings for lols?
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2021.10.22 16:52 Individual-Ad-4212 Honest thoughts about Bound 2 ?

I didn't listen to the whople kanye's discography but damn that hits so hard, does the community like it too ?
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2021.10.22 16:52 madddmaccc What ethical issues faced by public managers who deal w contractors and w regulations of private sector activities

I am currently taking an ethics class where an assignment is to have a discussion with the question above. I am absolutely floored and so confused. I have read my text and done so much additional research but am having a lot of trouble grasping the concept. i’m not looking for a quick cheat, i just need to get the basic concept down so I am able to hold a conversation about it. If anybody could shed some light I would be really grateful!
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2021.10.22 16:52 BinaryOptionAlliance Metastake 🌌 | Presale start 24th October💥 | amazing Community ✅ | Big Marketingplan🔥 | DEVS Doxxed | don’t miss that 🚀

Welcome to Metastake🌌
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About us:Metastake is an up and coming BSC/ADA bridge and launchpad project 🌠. This is more of a long term project with huge potential but much depends on how much you believe in ADA of course 😊. Given that many other bridge projects such as Polkabridge ($58m market cap) do not have ADA cross chain capabilities nor include it in their roadmaps this could be one to fill the gap!Doxxed team to Pinksale is also a huge plus and believe they are totally genuine. 😉.Slow and steady wins the race 🐢! Public Presale starts on the 24th, 6pm UTC.
🔥We start on BSC and migrate in Q1/2022 from BSC to ADA and publish the FIRST REWARDS coin on ADA Chain with SUNDAESWAP rewards.
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🔥Launch 26.October💥
Presale 24.October only this link
Join our amazing Community and visit our Website for more informations
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2021.10.22 16:52 OlmoLaVergaLavalle Obviamente AMO las artes circenses, y la neta si me rifo

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2021.10.22 16:52 Kvangerven How to receive compensation from American Airlines

Hi all, I had a flight roughly 2 weeks ago with 1 connection. My first flight was delayed by over 2 hours, my second flight was completely cancelled without any other option to get to my destination. As a result I missed 1/2 of what I was going to do for the weekend trip (it was less than 24 hours) and I had to go out of my way to figure out how to get there (find a car and drive all the way). I’ve requested compensation from American to make up for them ruining my weekend and cancelling my flight with no warning. I’ve been going back and forth with them and they’re unwilling to offer anything but a small credit, which doesn’t help because I do not plan to fly with American again after this experience. They blame the cancellation on ATC, however due to all the southwest cancellations, the FAA has come out and said there were no ATC issues that day. So AA has been lying to me the whole time and they’re unwilling to accept responsibility (likely because if they do they are required to give compensation under their policy). I want people to be aware of how unethical and terrible a company AA is. I also was wondering how do I get American to compensate me?
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2021.10.22 16:52 MVPARLLAR45613991 Girl Time from Amphibia successed where Dipper VS Manliness failed

Before we start lets be clear this is not a hate message to Gravity Falls and lets get into the basics:
both are episodes centre around a character being forced into a role of what is consider as Feminite/Masculant based on their gender and both ended with the message of just being yourself
So what parts Girl Time done right where Dipper VS Manliness did wrong?3 reasons:
1-It did not made other characters unecessary cruel:true Anne did called polly out but I hardly compare that with the public humilation Dipper suffered by Mabel and Stan as what they did was the equvilant of mocking a tom-boy girl for not being "girlish enough" in public;besides, even when Anne done that she got punished her wrongdoing and got addressed unlike Mabel and Stan
2-It did not created a double standard:despite the message about not associating attitudes with stereotypical gender roles many times there was a lot of double standard in later episodes of Gravity Falls like Roadside Attraction(APPARENTLY only girls can flirt)
3-It didn't treated the character like dirt over nothing:lets be honest if Dipper was gay or bi or even trans,everyone in media would scream for blood by then
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2021.10.22 16:52 JohnTheEchidna Kaos when he got no elementals:

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2021.10.22 16:52 guackdiff Offering:English/Macedonian/Serbian Seeking:German

Hey hows it going! I am 18 years old, im in need of learning german because i just moved to Germany, I can exchange in English(native) and Macedonian/Serbian(also a frendship ;).
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2021.10.22 16:52 ikwuz Does someone know how I can pay for voot select in europe?

I tried multiple credit cards and the payment is always declined. I can access the free site via vpn but not able to pay for voot select.
Anyone with experience?
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2021.10.22 16:52 smalllatina 32 a cup latina

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2021.10.22 16:52 __im_not_a_robot__ honestly new Porches might be AOTY

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2021.10.22 16:52 Catchtheatrain My Closet ⚡️⚡️

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2021.10.22 16:52 AgeTimely2870 Both banks wants my mortgage business, what to ask for extra.

I’ve been talking to a few banks and narrowed down to 2 banks. Both banks are willing to give the same rate and will waive the fees (lawyer fees, land transfer etc) and give me a same $ of line of credit what else should I ask for to have a firmer decision on which bank to go with. Thanks in advance
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2021.10.22 16:52 flint-loco Alexbyporro las Jordan?

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2021.10.22 16:52 mubilamb Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) - Empire Cover

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2021.10.22 16:52 euzp Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse £41.91

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2021.10.22 16:52 drphilthy Sub $150 driver suggestions

I want to get my dad a new driver for Xmas so he stops stealing mine haha. He's 71. I'm still playing with my "Taylor Made in China" clubs I've had for 15 years so I have no idea how stuff has evolved. I want to get him something decent without breaking the bank. Any suggestions?
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2021.10.22 16:52 Winter-Ad3415 So much hate from Cardano community

Did you guys notice hate from ADA holders directed at Solana. There are a couple of YouTube channels targeting SOL, spreading FUD, trying to confuse SOL holders. All that comes from ADA holders. There is one YouTuber who is spreading misinformation that Solana was made to create confusion in the market to pull people from real project like Cardano. He’s also saying that Solana was partly created and pushed by Wall Street bankers in order destroy ADA and even ETH. This is some crazy stuff from guys who really hate SOL. I can’t wait for SOL flipping ADA.
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2021.10.22 16:52 grizzlebar Thank you for your service.

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2021.10.22 16:52 HentaiUwu_6969 He is just following the trend :)

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