Just ordered Legion 5p off Walmart need some advice.

2021.10.22 16:33 NoMansWarmApplePie Just ordered Legion 5p off Walmart need some advice.

Originally I ordered the Gp66 from Costco. So far great performance. Good laptop, I run it through external mostly, but I do love the idea of the beautiful screen on l5p.
My plan was originally to wait for a killer deal and return Costco. But everyone kept saying how rare this Lenovo was and to hop on it immediately.
If I'm primarily gaming at 4k...then the processor doesn't matter much does it? Only advantage if the MSI gp66
Does this model have the bad RAM?
However, I was also looking for a good deal prebuilt between now and BF.... but I'm unsure of how long Walmart return policy.
What is their return policy?
I called customer support and it sounded like an outsourced foreign person who didn't really seem to know.
One site says 15 days for electronics. Others say 30 days. Another says that after Oct 16th it coirnd as holiday time so it lasts until end of winter.
And last question. I used Bing, on MS pc browser. 6% cash back I activated. How does that work? Does it come back to me immediately? The customer service guy was clueless.
Ahhhhh, I'm torn on what to do.
THANKS a bunch ahead of time.
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2021.10.22 16:33 HxChris Materials Question

Can anyone chime in on the level of durability of stabilized wood? I only recently was made aware that certain 3D printing materials could yield a mod just as durable as one made from some sort of metal body despite my, albeit limited, experiences with them, so I wanna make sure I don’t also have a skewed idea of stab wood’s durability.
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2021.10.22 16:33 tehlittletoaster always has been

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2021.10.22 16:33 pierovski what do you consider to be a better team???

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2021.10.22 16:33 amiibolover99 I have Updated tagmo in my Drive to the newest (master) Version , for more informations Look here

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2021.10.22 16:33 AdvertisingIll8420 have you ever had health issues with vr?

just wondering
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2021.10.22 16:33 SungJhinWoo Hentai skins

if anyone has hentai skins please show me
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2021.10.22 16:33 kaleigh19---19 Please help

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2021.10.22 16:33 WrongdoerImpressive7 I enjoy particle (nuclear) physics, astrophysics when its not dummed down. Someone care to recommend a book? (No calculus please)

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2021.10.22 16:33 LinksOrGTFO Watch "Vitesse 1-0 Tottenham • Europa Conference League [MATCH REVIEW]" on YouTube

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2021.10.22 16:33 blvkprince 28 [M4F] BBC looking for a BJ

Looking for tonight. Have good hygeine and be DDF.
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2021.10.22 16:33 theflowersyoufind Will 2021 be the year Alex from Big Brother 3 gets his knighthood for this moment?

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2021.10.22 16:33 No_Cartographer_5298 I accidentally remote viewed a very short distance.

About a month ago, my friend and I went to the beach. Around noonish, I took acid. 've taken acid twice before this with friends so I knew for the most part how it was. Anyways, my time at the beach was a pretty normal time on acid at the beach. I go home later that night, and eventually me and my girlfriend are on my bed, laying opposite of each other. Her head's on one side with her feet by my head and vice versa. Were watching a movie, facing the TV which is in front of the bed, positioned in the middle. We're both awake, talking and whatever. A few minutes later I silently I turn over to face the other way and close my eyes because I'm slightly anxious and unable to sleep due to coming down from acid. I try to just focus on nothing and breathe and relax. A few minutes go by and I start to see "something" start to form in my mind, directly in front of me. The best way I can describe this is how in the Lion King, Mufasa kind of appears from all the dust and sand and particles in the gust of wind and shit. It's like my brain was doing that on repeat, and every time I noticed, all the particles would fling away from each other and disperse before they can form together to create an image. I decide to stay "unfocused" and try my best to disregard and "notice" the formation in front of me, and only a few seconds of doing so, an image of my girlfriend's head and upper torso appeared in front of me. The image looked like it was created with a ton of tiny sparkly particles of purple and pink and blueish lights. I was looking at her from about 1 foot above and to the left of her head. It was her, sleeping, with her hand balled up to her mouth, her mouth open, glasses crooked from her balled up hand on her face, the blankets up to her shoulders. The image was clear for about 2 seconds before I was like holy fuck, and lost it. The particles that created the image of her, like rapidly dispersed like an explosion and immediately I'm like, "did I just fucking astral project or some shit?" I open my eyes, I take a couple seconds to think, and I turn my head extremely slowly and unnoticeably to look at her, and she is fucking asleep. Hand/mouth/face/glasses/everything looked exactly like what I saw when my eyes were closed. Same position literally same everything. I silently lost my mind. I had no idea she was sleeping. After some calming down, I try attempt it again. Same method, kind of just like, dissociate but with my eyes closed. And the particles started forming another image that seemed like a man sitting in a seat of a car or a chair, sitting upright. The face and details were much less clear than my girlfriends, and appeared more like a silhouette, but I was able to make it out clearly as a burly older man sitting upright. particles of the image once again dispersed and own conclusion was that it was someone else in the giant apartment complex I live in, perhaps a neighboring apartment. At that I point stopped attempting to do it again because couldn't stop thinking about it.
My immediate presumption was astral projection, quickly realized it wasn't. I was nowhere near asleep or able to sleep. But I knew it was fucking SOMETHING insane. I would occasionally think about it happening and be like "damn.... that was fuckin wild" It wasn't until earlier today the memory of that night came into my head again randomly and my brain was basically like "THAT WAS REMOTE VIEWING YOU BOZO" and i was like OH RIGHT I FORGOT ABOUT REMOTE VIEWING THAT HAD TO FUCKING BE REMOTE VIEWING THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW. Although it was only a couple feet away from me, the image of my girlfriend was as clear as day I am confident I remote viewed.
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2021.10.22 16:33 Mazzer218 Anyone know where I can get a decent Lance costume of his Paladin armour?

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2021.10.22 16:33 sc00bydaddy Designs token

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2021.10.22 16:33 srako12 [27M] Downloaded 2 days ago, not getting any likes/matches, looking for feedback. Thank you in advance!

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2021.10.22 16:33 Manuels-Kitten What game has the worst (or best) looking art on a greatest hits case? My picks for best is Red Dead Redemtion, and for worst (among many others like it's sequel) Tools of Destruction, out of the red case because I could not stand the red case.

What game has the worst (or best) looking art on a greatest hits case? My picks for best is Red Dead Redemtion, and for worst (among many others like it's sequel) Tools of Destruction, out of the red case because I could not stand the red case. submitted by Manuels-Kitten to PS3 [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 16:33 abbbbbbbywhee What is something that should never be asked?

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2021.10.22 16:33 Thenelwave PVP- Fire Gauntlet + Ice Gauntlet VS Hammer + Great Axe?

What are you going with and why?
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2021.10.22 16:33 BABABOY33 Can anyone help me make a good team with these units

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2021.10.22 16:33 NeverGrownUpPlaylist Love or hate it, but I am so into the New Pop Punk Wave! Dont know if you only love the old amazing shit, but I am so happy that there are some new artists who bring the guitars back! I dont know how to name that genre. But I think New Pop Punk Wave is ok for me. Examples in description.

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2021.10.22 16:33 trailer8k The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf Official Trailer Netflix AI Upscale 8K 60FPS

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I stayed in a Las Vegas area hotel and had a terrifying experience from a paranormal entity tugging the sheets on my bed, repeatedly touching me while falling asleep, turning off a light and changing the alarm clock. Read below for details...
I am a resident of Las Vegas, NV and on Friday, July 23, 2004 my wife and I checked into the Mount Charleston Hotel, a rustic mountain resort in the local mountains near Las Vegas, NV for a two night stay. We had not stayed there previously and knew nothing about the hotel. The hotel has since been renamed The Retreat On Charleston Peak.
This hotel is located on Kyle Canyon Road, roughly 40 minutes drive northwest of Las Vegas, NV in the local Spring Mountain Range. It is a popular destination with locals to escape the summer heat and enjoy the snow in the winter.
July 23rd happened to be my mother's birthday, the first one since she passed away two months earlier. My wife brought candles with us to light in the hotel room in remembrance of her.
We were placed in a room on the third floor overlooking the canyon behind the hotel. I noticed upon entering the room that the nightstand alarm clock was set an hour fast but I did not reset it because we were not on a schedule.
My wife lit the candles in remembrance of my mother prior to going to bed and extinguished them before falling asleep around 10:30pm. I stayed up watching TV, and just before midnight I turned off the TV and began falling asleep. Once the TV was off the room was completely dark. I was nearly asleep when I felt the sheets near my feet being gently tugged, and the edge of the bed being delicately depressed, like someone was softly sitting on it. I recall thinking as I drifted off that what I was feeling was one of our cats on the ground clawing at the corner of the bed, but then I rapidly came out of my slumber, realizing it wasn't one of our cats who we had left at home. So what was it?
I was uncertain if what I was feeling was real or imagined, so after several minutes I chose to ignore it and I rolled onto my side to go to sleep. I was facing my wife and my back was facing the edge of the bed. After about 10 seconds it felt like someone ran their hand down the outside of my upper leg, similar to how you might pet a dog's back. I was frozen in fear. All of the hair on my body was standing straight up. I was thinking, "What in God's name was that?" After several seconds the feeling of a hand running down the outside of my upper leg happened again. I was utterly terrified. I couldn't move. There was no question in my mind that something was standing behind me, next to the bed touching me. I mustered up the courage to clench my fist and when the feeling of the hand running down the outside of my upper leg happened a third time I swung my arm, fully expecting to hit the culprit's arm, but I swung at air. I woke my wife in a panic and she turned on the nightstand lamp. There was nothing visibly out of the ordinary in the room.
My wife and I sat in bed talking about what had happened for about 30 minutes, debating whether to pack up and drive home down the mountain. Nothing more occurred during our time talking. I calmed down and my wife convinced me to try and go to sleep with the bathroom light turned on, which I did. In the morning my wife said that she was surprised that I had turned off the bathroom light in the middle of the night seeing how frightened I had been. I told her that I had not turned off the bathroom light, that I slept through the night and never got up. She said she also did not get up. Nevertheless, the bathroom light had been turned off. Also in the morning we noticed that the nightstand clock was no longer set incorrectly at one hour fast. The time was now set correctly, although neither my wife or I had touched the clock.
That morning we ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I asked the waitress if "weird things" happen in the hotel. She warily said evening employees see ghosts walking in the lobby. That evening while back in our hotel room, as dusk set in, I told my wife I couldn't stay another night in the hotel. We packed up and drove down the mountain before dark, forfeiting our second night stay.
I was extremely disturbed by the paranormal experience at the hotel and could not stop thinking about it. Several days afterwards I called my cousin who is a Catholic priest, and was my mom's favorite nephew. I explained to him what had happened and asked if he thought it could have been my mom's spirit, considering it was her birthday and we had lit candles in memory of her. He replied that he did not think that it was my mom's spirit. He said that the church does not believe that human spirits remain on Earth after death. He said it was either an angel or a demon, and based on the fear that I felt, it suggested that it was a demon.
In 2004 the internet was still fairly new. Facebook was a few months old and few people had heard of it. There was no YouTube, Instagram or Twitter yet. I searched online for other people's paranormal stories at the Mount Charleston Hotel, but found nothing. People couldn't relate to my experience because they'd never experienced anything like it, including my wife who slept through it. I found a website named TheShadowlands.net where I shared my story. Several months after posting my story on TheShadowlands.net a woman emailed me saying she'd read my story there. She said that she too had had paranormal experiences at the hotel and asked if I wanted to hear more. I said, "YES!" We met in person and she told me that the hotel was built in 1985 and that her wedding was the first one on the property. She said the hotel had been built on Indian burial grounds (Paiute Indian tribe). She said after the reception her maid of honor went to her room on the third floor. In her room, the maid of honor felt like she was being watched. She went into the bathroom to change clothes and when she came out there was a white mist hanging in the room. She quickly packed her bag, ran out of the hotel and drove home down the mountain in the middle of the night. On their one year wedding anniversary, she and her husband went back to the hotel and stayed on the third floor in a room overlooking the canyon. In the middle of the night her husband woke her in a panic saying someone was on the balcony looking in at them through the window. She was sceptical and thought he was dreaming. To prove him wrong she lifted the sheer drape, looked out the window, and on the ground below she saw what looked like a glowing woman floating away from her.
As the years rolled by and the internet became more sophisticated, I noticed stories here & there about other people's paranormal experiences at the hotel. Stories about the smell of burnt hair, electronic devices behaving very unusual, seeing shadows moving, strange people appearing in locked rooms, guests and contractors racing off out of fear and not returning, and objects flying across the room.
Then in spring 2019 I met a woman who moved to Las Vegas from Denver earlier that year. She told me she had recently stayed alone on the third floor of the hotel in a room overlooking the canyon. Without knowing my story, she told me while falling asleep she felt someone snuggle behind her in bed and the next day in the room she felt a hand run up the back of her leg, much like what I had experienced fifteen years earlier! She told me that she didn't react to what she'd felt because she thought she had just imagined it.
In early fall of 2019 I secured a business contract with the property. I told the General Manager and Business Manager about my experience at the hotel from fifteen years earlier and they casually and sincerely said that the female entity on the third floor liked me. They detailed for me the three strange entities existing at the property. They are; The Woman occupying the third floor rooms, The Child occupying the first floor rooms, and The Man occupying the hotel restaurant. They told me of their own personal experiences including door handles and deadbolt locks moving by themselves, pots and pans flying across the hotel kitchen by themselves, and hotel guests racing out of the hotel in the middle of the night in a panic to drive down the mountain in their pajamas while their belongings remained in the guest rooms.
For Thanksgiving 2019, my thirteen year old daughter and I went to the hotel for their delicious Thanksgiving buffet which my daughter in particular loves. Las Vegas was hit by a storm that day and it snowed all day on Mount Charleston. Chains or 4-wheel-drive with snow tires was required to drive up the mountain. After dinner we walked to our car in the parking lot, which was now covered in snow. The temperature was below freezing and we were alone outside the hotel. I took out my smartphone and snapped a picture of my snow covered car. When we returned home I looked at the picture and it was taken as a short video. Although we were entirely alone outside of the hotel, three shadowy figures are clearly visible in the video, walking past. Could it have been The Woman, The Child and The Man paranormal entities that occupy this property?
Below is a link to the video with the shadowy figures:
I still visit the hotel occasionally for coffee or a meal when I'm in the local mountains, but I wouldn't be able to bring myself to stay overnight in the hotel again after what I experienced.
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2021.10.22 16:33 crab_bunker hmmm

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2021.10.22 16:33 TrainStill Anyone getting this bug on a regular basis? Card gets stuck mid screen, sometimes I can get it to go in or come back, but usually I don't get it back again, just stays there mocking me

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