Why didn't Google rename Youtube after acquiring it?

2021.09.17 20:44 Spiritual-Lecture-96 Why didn't Google rename Youtube after acquiring it?

I was wondering why it didn't name it something like...google videos/ googletube
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2021.09.17 20:44 Necessary-Let2909 Her face looks like 5-years old me looking under the mannequins shirt and the boobs at H&M

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2021.09.17 20:44 JoinEggWarriors What are the best decks that counter balloon decks?

Personally I absolutely hate going up against balloon because I suck at defending against it. It’s so easy to misplace a Tesla or not cycle fast enough leading to a balloon taking out your whole tower in 6 seconds.
What are the best decks to counter balloons with so I can crush the poor souls of every living balloon player in the game?
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2021.09.17 20:44 Seu_Chico Old

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2021.09.17 20:44 OKOK80 Questions about Mark: How strong is the consensus on the dating? That it was written during or after the Great Jewish Revolt (66 AD or later) and not before? What is the best argument for an earlier date? Etc.

Mark 13 seems to make a lot of sense in light of the Great Jewish Revolt, the Siege of Jerusalem & the destruction of the temple.
I've encountered some Christians who argue (confidently) for an early date (50s AD). I understand this is a long held traditional view held by many conservative scholars. From my understanding, this view has fallen out of favor, and a later date for Mark has now emerged as the consensus.
Some questions:

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2021.09.17 20:44 UpperAnybody8229 Which is the hardest of these bosses?

Just wanna know
View Poll
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2021.09.17 20:44 Cuish What is your favourite Simpsons couch gag?

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2021.09.17 20:44 burntlentils How Accurate Is This Comparison?

I have been casually researching freeze drying recently, and I came across an ad that embedded the link above; I would appreciate it if someone were to fact-check it for me, as I don't have much time right now.
Note: I'm not into "emergency preparedness" or anything like that, I just want to preserve the many wild fruits I come across in my area. My main concern is ergo their contention that freeze dryers are rather limited in their ability to produce abundant quantities of food, which concerns me.
So, are they cherry-picking numbers here? Any other concerns? I'm looking at a Harvest Right unitl potentially, likely a medium.
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2021.09.17 20:44 jl95gg I have built my 2540th scale car. It's a 1971 Tatra 603

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2021.09.17 20:44 SoupsUndying Am I wrong for thinking that my family members still think of me as a kid when they say like "well you're an adult now, so you can make you're own decisions"

I'm 20 years old, almost 21, and when I make a personal decision that disagrees with what my family thinks they usually try to lecture me about it or try to condescendingly convince me of why I'm wrong and if I keep my decision I usually hear "Well you're an adult now you can make your own decisions"
My point is that if you really think someone is an adult who can make their own decisions you wouldn't say something like that to them. Imagine saying something like that to your coworkers. "Well James I guess it's up to you. you're an adult now, you can make your own decisions." Why would you even bother saying something like that to them?
Am I wrong for thinking when people say that it's kinda like the opposite?
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2021.09.17 20:44 HeadHonchkrowRemi DIO - Holy Diver 🤘 🤘 🤘

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2021.09.17 20:44 WestEst101 Fuck


I haven't put any effort into learning Chinese since 2019, but I'd like to pick it back up. Here's an attempt at speaking it (for fun!), and I'd like your honest criticisms of my speaking ability. If I'm trash, tell me I'm trash. Maybe it's better than I think, but I know the fluidity is terrible, at least. I also struggle with 2nd (/) and 4th () tones. ​ https://voca.ro/12KzABaDjcEq - Recording on my studio microphone for your listening pleasure. (Enhanced torture?) ​ Translation: >! 今天我们一起来做一些级的听力练习 !< Don't click until you listen first in order to avoid bias!
Work on your tones. Tones are the #1 most important thing in Chinese.
Yeah, I guessed that... Can you be more specific?
A lot of your tones are off. 今天 is two first tones, you sounded like two and two. 一起 is one and three, not two first tones. Etc
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2021.09.17 20:44 BerryFisherman12 Ravens Legends

Besides the obvious answers like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Tucker, probably Lamar, & maybe even Flacco depending the person. Who else do you put in that category?
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2021.09.17 20:44 supertrooper747 Mespirit add 0056-7867-3232 add my partner 0624-2509-6605 Thanks

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2021.09.17 20:44 fatbottomwife Hump me on hump day? / Tender la cama o tenderme en ella? [F] (Album in comments)

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2021.09.17 20:44 Spiritual_World1807 Another one

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2021.09.17 20:44 Jackasaur Frosty Boy SP

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2021.09.17 20:44 StevenBeercockArt What's the difference between a constipated owl and a bad marksman?

The latter shoots but can't hit.
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2021.09.17 20:44 SnooHedgehogs3312 Ask Anything Thread

Use this thread to ask anything at all!
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2021.09.17 20:44 Lizzz111 SWAG design by lizzz#9891

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2021.09.17 20:44 TI-NspireCXCAS Adding 5 friends for daily gifts, exp grind and occasional raids!

Adding first 5 Friend code: 5193 4395 0974 - Valruus
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2021.09.17 20:44 TallerThanTheDoor Najboljše kar na majco natisnit!

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2021.09.17 20:44 painfarm How come no one reads Braille anymore in movies/tv?

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2021.09.17 20:44 TimburGm I’m upset about the vote today

Why are so many people voting for the Argo Cargo? I’m at work and won’t be able to vote until I get home.
Keep the votes going brothers!
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2021.09.17 20:44 StandardMarch6065 my most beautiful dream

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