2021.09.17 20:24 cellomesoftly SEEKING ADVICE FROM EXPERIENCED PARENTS RE: Thumbsucking and Nail Cutting Please!

THUMBSUCKING: 13+ months and baby still sucks his thumbs. It’s causing his little thumbs to look red and sore..
Pediatrician advised to keep taking his hand off his mouth every chance we see (knowing that while driving or he’s sleeping there’s nothing we can do about it) and eventually he’ll tire off. It’s been a couple of months and he keeps going..
Biggest concerns side from the wounds it’s causing to his thumbs is the fact that his 2 front upper teeth already show signs of shifting up… I know this is fixable in the future, but it’s better to prevent it all together.
Has anybody been successful at weaning an enthusiastic thumb-sucking fiend off???
NAIL CUTTING: When he was younger I used to cut them with tiny scissors as per MIL’s advice. Now I use an electric file and since he’s fully mobile, energetic and active.. he refuses to let me cut his nails!!
What he lacks in size he makes up for I’m strength and even with my husband holding and distracting him while I use the nail file.. he still pulls away!!
His nails grow incredible fast (within 3 days long enough to cause pretty big scratches on his face). My husband and I can’t always be available to do it together and I need a way to keep up with keeping his nails short..
Some people have advices to do it in his sleep, but he’s sleep trained and any sound or movement wakes him up, so that wouldn’t work.
If you guys can pass along some helpful advice, I’d SO appreciate it.
Also, you guys are all amazing. This sub rocks and I learn so much from all of you! ❤️❤️❤️
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2021.09.17 20:24 3241Lucas WHO'S F'ING SELLING???

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2021.09.17 20:24 FlexGoals I'm 30 and unemployed so I decided to candidly interview my dad and step-mom and get their opinions on my circumstances. They didn't know what the questions were going to be, so all their answers are 100% authentic and on the spot. Thank you for watching!

I'm 30 and unemployed so I decided to candidly interview my dad and step-mom and get their opinions on my circumstances. They didn't know what the questions were going to be, so all their answers are 100% authentic and on the spot. Thank you for watching! submitted by FlexGoals to GetMoreViewsYT [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 20:24 Mrfastlane23 Got first place (ignore the Steve glitch)

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2021.09.17 20:24 OfficialTBOB10 Took my first test this school year and I’m stressed

I’m very stressed over it it only had 6 questions but for some reason I was contradicting myself every question it got really difficult ik I can redeem myself with other tests because 1 test doesn’t make much of a difference but it’s just that somewhere I feel scared
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2021.09.17 20:24 Ztranzher Why use maces when axes are also heavy headed but also concentrate damage better and chop?

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2021.09.17 20:24 Potatobat1967 My shopper today added extra items from someone else’s order increasing my total from $48 to $110.I contacted who I needed to and it’ll be corrected eventually but I won’t have access to that money until it does.This pisses me off.

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2021.09.17 20:24 Complex_Mammoth9487 A small stone may only make a small ripple at first, but someday it will be a wave.

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2021.09.17 20:24 Fan387 Zelina Vega's new WWE.Com render

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2021.09.17 20:24 TrueFront3783 Wanting to invest

I'm looking to invest SDC a good stock to get into? I am in AMC heavy, just need to take a break from AMC and let it so its thing.
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2021.09.17 20:24 jotow Tater Validator

A Tater Validator ... Now you can tell if that overpriced Pappy is real
Rapid authentication device detects fake whisky Detection technology firm Eluceda has created a portable device that can rapidly identify whether a whisky is authentic.
Eluceda’s E-Sens device is said to detect the electrochemical ‘taste’ of specific batches of a whisky. The device uses customised electrodes that contain specific catalysts that react with the groups of molecules found in the liquid.
The device then produces a digital reading, which is analysed using algorithms that are compared to other authentic whisky samples from a database.,,, Full article here ( Rapid authentication device detects fake whisky - The Spirits Business )
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2021.09.17 20:24 Livid_Ad_6071 I love watching rp but this is true and I see it a lot

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2021.09.17 20:24 NASCAR_Fan_Council Former Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman says ‘90%’ of people he meets want him back in booth

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2021.09.17 20:24 EricSchC1fr Post-Presidency Protection for Trump Kids and Officials Has Cost $1.7 Million, Says Report

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2021.09.17 20:24 Maleficent_Focus943 Any Help Please: An Unbearable Itch/Nerve Sensation

29, Male, 5'10" (177.80cm), 185lbs (84kgs), U.S.A.
Hello to anyone who cares to help and/or is possibly suffering from the same thing and needs the same help as I do. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, as it is a shot in the dark considering I have tried next to everything with no resolution to my condition. Was told by many friends to give reddit a shot in finding some aid.
As of about 9 years ago, I have been suffering from a condition that has baffled every doctor I have seen. It started with getting out of showers and after about 3 minutes starting to feel nerve/itch sensations that start in my legs and progress up my back and into my arms, gradually overtaking my body in a swift rage of itching/burning/and embarrassing pain and discomfort. When I try desperately not to itch the spots it flares up, my body starts to force itself to clench in an effort to subdue the pain without touching the spot. Almost every time, I give in though, and the milliseconds of relief turn into spreading of the sensation like wildfire. It truly overtakes me, to the point that at times, I have broken skin and cut myself from the rubbing and scratching. It then started to happen after I would get out of pools, and then progressed to me waking up in the morning with slight sweat around my groin area and start to immediately feel those same sensations in my arms and legs. Then it would simply happen if I was walking for a while, and at the slightest sense of discomfort my body would again, gradually start this relentless sensation. It would go away after about an hour, but I would need to completely seclude myself to calm down, or rush to the coldest shower and lie down in hopes of it stopping (shock the system).
At first I thought it was a dry skin issue so I tried natural, clean moisturizers that obviously had no effect, and even in some instances made it worse. I then thought it was the time of day I would shower, so I strictly took showers at night. No help for the most part. I then started finding articles about blow drying my skin dry instead of towel dry, and realized after months that it was just subsiding in the same amount of time as it normally would with any flare up. I then tried the sun, and finding ways to let it hit my skin during the sensations and again no help. Naturally, I then sought medical help. First I went to my family doctor that tried to understand the condition and had me undergo countless blood work, and send me to a Neurologist in NYC (Weill Cornell Medicine) to discuss things like MS, Neuropathic Itch, Fibromyalgia, Autonomic Neuropathy, etc. They performed an Electromyography, Cervical MRI's, Brain Scans, all to no avail. So, I was prescribed Duloxetine in hopes that would subside most of what they thought was either Fibromyalgia or Small Fiber Neuropathy. After initial dosage of 30mg and upping the dosage to 60mg, there was no real aid, the sensations would still come (but I was in a very very good mood though when I was on it haha).
So, while still consulting this particular Neurologist, I went to another doctor that also prescribed me Lyrica as he thought maybe on top of the tricyclic anti-depressant, anti-seizure medication would really aid me. It was a low dosage, and it seemed to help for the first month...but then it came back with a true vengeance. So, during Quarantine, I slowly weaned myself off of both, and for a while strictly worked out, ate super clean, tried some natural remedies, and OBVIOUSLY it didn't help. Lost decent weight after the meds packed on some pounds though!
During all of this, a referral was sent to the highly acclaimed, very difficult to get into Autonomic Center at Vanderbilt University because there was serious suspicion that I have Autonomic Dysfunction and could really use the expertise of Vandy because that particular center handles some very very strange cases of things. Waited 13 months, they took my standing, sitting, and lying heart rate, did some blood pressure work, took a skin sample and blood work (same as Cornell Medicine) and concluded that it was something idiopathic and that I should just up my dosage of Lyrica. Sick.
Once places started to open up, I sought the advice of an allergist in Nashville, TN where I currently live, and have been for 8 years, to which he thought was a very strange and particular case of hiving under the skin. We started on allergy medication (Xyzal, Allegra, Montelukast) and over the course of about 9 months continued to up the dosage of the medication to an almost insane amount and something i didn't want to do because it just felt like a repeating cycle of which I had been through before. Finally his last recommendation put me over the edge (more allergy meds, higher dosages) and I stopped it, because it was not helping at all.
Ever since then, I have been off of everything, taking daily supplements of Vitamin D3, and Omega 3's, dealing with the pain as it comes, and whenever I feel a flare up using the Wim Hof Breathing Method which seems to help, as long as I catch it quickly, and am in a comfortable environment to truly center myself and try and veer away from the pain while letting the lightheadedness, and blood flow action take full effect over the course of 10 minutes. I had a serious flare up this morning, one that I really couldn't control and had to put myself in a very hot tub of water to just shock my skin and system, and then let the rest of the little pain go away over the course of the next 20 minutes.
To conclude, right now we are still going back and forth with this being my body not being able to figure out temperature changes but that seems unlikely. The only doctors I haven't seen are a heart specialist, I haven't had my liver checked, and I haven't had a FULL scan of my spine (no lumbar no thoracic) as it hasn't been anything recommended by the doctors I have seen. I have a history of heart disease in my family, and some circulatory issues (very clod hands and feet), so the heart specialist is next. I am otherwise a pretty healthy person, that drinks one cup of coffee a day, I workout when I can, drinks on the weekends, and leads as normal a life as a musician and artist can lead.
I am completely exhausted mentally and physically after these ordeals. The relentless nature of the pain and discomfort in these episodes drains me and defeats me. I've stopped the crying, but I truly feel insane when it is happening. I know it's not in my head. This is something I refuse to believe is a condition I just need to live with, but if it is I would like to exhaust every option first.
Thank you so much for reading this, and I appreciate any advice/insight/opinion you could give. In the time I typed this, the pain and itch stopped, and I can finally stop talking.
Hope you are healthy, and more importantly happy. - Dan
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2021.09.17 20:24 psychonautgrind Can people obtain first pressings of The Dark Side of the Moon in this day and age?

I'm not one for collecting things but this would be the ultimate possession.
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2021.09.17 20:24 iDreamer17 Isaiah Rashad x J Cole FREE Type Beat "Time"

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2021.09.17 20:24 forthecake Bad M3 Wrap and damage?

Sorry for the repost, I managed to delete my own thread instead of editing it...
I originally posted yesterday after getting my car back in a less than stellar condition after paying for it to be wrapped. I took a few photos of the most glaring issues and then today discovered that the roof glass is also marked up and damaged in some spots. I have tried with water and alcohol to get off the marks which run a good 1/4 of the length of the rear glass window, and windex didn't work either. The other side is literally just scratched in an area and there is nothing I can do about that.
I've put some photos online
I have no idea what I can do or what my recourse is. If there is anyone with similar experience or advice that would be great. This is my first wrap and initially I felt like I was being picky, but for 3000 canuck bucks I expected straight lines at least for the wrap cuts and corners to not look crumpled.
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2021.09.17 20:24 newsies2012kelly Recommendations for pocket knifes

I’m looking for a small to medium sized pocket knife. Price range is anything under $30. And lightweight.
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2021.09.17 20:24 Great_Paint2498 My dr stone drawing I was in 5th grade

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2021.09.17 20:24 Heat3x [XB1][M22] Selling 100k Quicksells $10 & or Buying players you want for trade - Great Rep (PAYPAL ONLY)

Rep #1
Rep #2
Rep #3
Rep #4
Rep #5
Rep #6
Rep #7
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2021.09.17 20:24 jdaviddean Beneath the Jamaica North Trail Bridge in Wilderness Park - Lincoln

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2021.09.17 20:24 designersloth What are ETFs? (Handy Beginner's Guide)

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2021.09.17 20:24 BeforeOrion Religion and Science with Bernie Taylor - Ep 53 — The Rock Art Podcast

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2021.09.17 20:24 Theoneonlybananacorn This meme is from the future. You won’t get it yet.

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