AdMonkey Smashed V2 ATH ~ Unique Crypto AdTech UseCase ~ 290 Holders ~ $1.2M Market Cap ~. 12% Rewards In BNB or ANY BSC Token ~ Join Us Today

2021.09.17 20:17 heinaga1989 AdMonkey Smashed V2 ATH ~ Unique Crypto AdTech UseCase ~ 290 Holders ~ $1.2M Market Cap ~. 12% Rewards In BNB or ANY BSC Token ~ Join Us Today

AdMonkey enters the weekend with a beautiful looking chart! All of this with no marketing in place, the project is yet to get off the ground!
The usecase behind AdMonkey is a unique crpyto AdTech platform providing advertisers with a cutting edge ad serving platform, where they can create and manage their CPC/CPM ad campaigns for new and upcoming projects. For publishers we offer high payment rates, rapid transfers and a solid support base.
In addition to the AdTech platform, AdMonkey is already developing a BSC/ETH wallet where users can manage their portfolio and their rewards from AdMonkey.
The AdMonkey bespoke dApp allows holders to fully manage their investment including choosing their reward token, seeing total rewards paid and upcoming rewards.
A generous 12% reward on sells (8% on buys) makes AdMonkey one of the leading contenders in the reward project scene. There is also a generous reward pool from the AdTech platform, with 14% of revenue being distributed among holders. The potential for the reward pool is up to 2000BNB per week.
Now is the time to check this project and make an investment.
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2021.09.17 20:17 Stbernard809 P town sunset after 60 mile bikeride

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2021.09.17 20:17 Panzerkampf-studios First time playing the Dominion Stormcast and Slaves to Darkness today. More details in the comments

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2021.09.17 20:17 MMEOO12 render problem

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2021.09.17 20:17 Tenebrief Naughty Boy - La La La ft. Sam Smith (Cover by Chie)
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2021.09.17 20:17 researchnsepp Wanted: Research participants needed for cannabis/brain imaging study

Wanted: Research participants needed for cannabis/brain imaging study Participants are needed for a cannabis/ MRI study. :) Details below!
Healthy volunteers needed for a cannabis/psychosis research study! The Nova Scotia Early Psychosis Program is conducting a study examining brain structures (white matter) and cannabis use in the general population and in individuals experiencing psychosis. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
You will be compensated for your time on an hourly basis (i.e. $10+/ hr.).Involvement includes:
  • You coming to the NSEPP clinic on 3 separate occasions for a 1-hour visit each time(2 of these visits will include a brain scan)
  • Your completion of a few questionnaires about your medical, alcohol and substance use history
Brain imaging:
  • You will have to meet scanner safety criteria
  • You will provide a saliva sample to measure levels of THC at the time of scanning (results will be kept confidential) The brain scan will last about 30 minutes.
  • NS Early Psychosis Program; Abbie lane Building 3rd Floor
  • MRIs will be conducted at BIOTIC Imaging lab at QEII Hospital
Principal Investigator (PI): Dr. Phillip G. Tibbo
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2021.09.17 20:17 Pretend_Water_3726 Driver speeding and overtaking car on zebra crossing slams head to head with the upcoming car

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2021.09.17 20:17 skertskertlane The 2 best friends

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2021.09.17 20:17 electrobuzz Mirko Di Florio, Dennis Beutler - Right Back Up / RPM112

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2021.09.17 20:17 aaaaaaaaaaaavm I'm certainly using this sometime.

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2021.09.17 20:17 chumpchangvaper how come Indian girls are very attractive?

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2021.09.17 20:17 Jolly-Vacation-7993 1950 egyptian malem

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2021.09.17 20:17 Chunchun321 💎NEW GEM ALERT! 💎 🔥JUST LAUNCHED🔥 1000x REAL GEM AIRNFT

✅Listed on CoinGecko ✅Listed on CoinMarketcap ✅Low market cap #BSCGems ✅ Legit project, ✅NFT Marketplace Exchange listing soon, 1000x potenial, Dont miss this~🚀🚀
🔥 BSC CA : 0x016cf83732f1468150d87dcc5bdf67730b3934d3
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2021.09.17 20:17 love_poison_ Esha Gupta

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2021.09.17 20:17 JellyBiafra54321 Pet Insurance help!

I may be about to adopt my first dog and I'm trying to get everything ready before she comes home with me. She's a 10 year old Lhasa Apso and her vet report is...fine. She's had some benign masses removed and some issues with swollen anal glands, but other than that she seems to be happy and healthy. I adopted an older cat (13 years old!) when I lived back in the states, so I understand that older animals often come with a host of issues, but I'm clueless as to which companies offer the best plans for older dogs here in Scotland. Does anyone have suggestions as to which insurance is decent?
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2021.09.17 20:17 IWANTCIDER Long loading times?

Is anyone getting issues joining games rn? Like very long loading times? Especially in testing grounds ?
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2021.09.17 20:17 Dry_Mathematician_32 Need help identifying this issue

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2021.09.17 20:17 Brave-Ad-8156 BCBA exam

After submitting your items to sit for the exam, how long did it take you to hear back from the BACB that you’ve been approved?
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2021.09.17 20:17 andy_rules Creep off hacked?

Looks like Carl's scheme to use Chinese hackers to steal votes every week has backfired. Why am I getting "learn mandarin daily" episodes in my creep off feed?
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2021.09.17 20:17 jobayer1241 Life where as such

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2021.09.17 20:17 maxkmiller Aaron Rodgers bout to start a religious cult?

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2021.09.17 20:17 fleshstapler Portage County pig has surgery to remove excess skin after successful weight loss

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2021.09.17 20:17 zodiac_83 Going to NY for Christmas. Can I smoke 🍁?

I’m going to New York this year for Christmas. I was wondering if I got a medical card online will I be able to buy from the dispos ? Confirm from Texas
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2021.09.17 20:17 Puzzled-Bedroom4959 Looking for shiny Magikarp, Feebas, or Treecko. Have. Shiny and regular legendaries to offer.

Shiny Articuno, tapu Koko, Kyogre, and yvetal, multiple others legendaries regular.
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2021.09.17 20:17 LordCapt_Morgan Fire Fighter Marine with Hydrothrower

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