Anyone know what I could use to recreate these?

2021.09.17 22:04 PossumLord123 Anyone know what I could use to recreate these?

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2021.09.17 22:04 ACWhammy Do people consider this when they're posting "I just went 7-0!"

I keep seeing posts that say "I just went 7-0!" And the thought occurred to me that they just slaughtered 7 people that are probably reading their post on the Reddit right now, and shoving it in their face, and expect them to feel happy for them.
Then there's the "I just went 0-3, why M I so bad?!" posts that probably just got their asses beat by the 7-0 people.
So next time you announce that you went 7-0, just remember that the guy that went 0-3 is reading your post and crying about how good your deck was and how the shuffler is screwed up and he probably ain't going to give you a thumbs up and smiley face on your post.
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2021.09.17 22:04 neonroli47 Why did you choose the subject you majored in/majoring in?

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2021.09.17 22:04 catatrif112 Steam-ArtWork of Power (chainsaw man)

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2021.09.17 22:04 weeavile Question abour introducing new bird to our current boy

Today I'm finally picking up my new feathered friend & have some questions about how to go about introducing him to my partner's one year old male cockatiel.
Our current boy has been a single child for the majority of his life & from what we can tell, he seems fine if not even interested in other birds at all. Our flatmates have a baby budgie & he doesn't even call to it or notice it when it's running around. Before we moved a couple months ago, my partner's grandma had an older cockatiel & they'd sit happily in the same room together, albiet in seperate cages, so we know he doesn't react negatively to other birds when they're NOT in his cage.
The lady that's hand reared our new baby bird has assured me it's fine to add it to his (1M) cage as soon as we bring it home, as they're naturally social birds. I'm just not sure if there needs to be an acclimating period beforehand, where we keep them in seperate cages but in the same room for the first week to get use to each other's presence, especially considering the new bird might be a bit spooked from the move. We definitely have a cage large enough for two birds, but we also have a smaller seperate cage just in case something goes wrong & they react negatively to each other. Any advice would be appreciated !
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2021.09.17 22:04 fhcrks Kitbashing sistets of battle into Sos?

Does it work? Has anyone seen pictures?
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2021.09.17 22:04 _adam_11___ Top 3 ye’s album for ya’ll?

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2021.09.17 22:04 PodporuchikKJ UNFAIR!!

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2021.09.17 22:04 HaradaXisde [For Hire] Illustration / Character design (More Info in comments)

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2021.09.17 22:04 hadrian_77 bob??😳😳

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2021.09.17 22:04 Unusual_Dealer9388 Alright, critique/roast away ladies (not interested in male opinions tbh)

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2021.09.17 22:04 LegalSeaworthiness76 🐵 BNBApes - Stealth Launch - Very low marketcap - If u miss xrp apes this is the one for you easy 10000x from here

Recently I stumbled upon this project a few days ago and was wondering why no one is investing on it. Since I joined I've been a part of their Telegram group and its such a fun and lively community of APES! This is seriously a very undervalued project. Let me explain to you why!
I've had a hard time deciding to investing due to all scam coins and rug-pulls. I can't willingly put my money somewhere it could be taken away from me by some ill mannered people.
This is why BNBAPES is such a relief, because it is a decentralized protocol and there is no owner or team. There are volunteers in the community putting crazy hours on this, I think they don't even sleep ( LOL! ) to build out the project and the community.
This is the safest place I've ever seen because there was no ownership on the contract. Ever! This was made possible through a unique launch method where the contract was sent some BNB and then after that a community member launched it. It wasn't launched by the contract creator!
BNBAPES, ($BNBAPES) is an outsourcing service done the Defi way. With crypto integrated, we allow for anonymity and faster transactions than ever to get your most essential projects complete. Find creatives, managers, and more on our platform both new and experts in their field. Together with our tokenomics, holders will benefit by receiving BNB whenever a transaction takes place, meaning that every time a service is paid for, you get a small cut as well
Please just check it out you don't want to miss this opportunity. I promise you won't regret it!
Great features:
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
2% fee to liquidity pool
1% Marketing.
7% reflection
🐵 Contract Address: 0xb97744be758213c33bd6d2a375ef7cd0fef1504b
🐵 Renounced Ownership:
🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.17 22:04 AndyNDYro Un șofer și-a recuperat permisul în instanță, după ce pietonul căruia nu i-ar fi acordat prioritate a depus mărturie în favoarea lui

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2021.09.17 22:04 -AKG45- What’s with everyone and putting their preorders so early?

I went on the apple site to pre order right now at 2:03 pm and it started here at 7 am and it let me why did some people rush for immediately? Is there a limit or?
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2021.09.17 22:04 Mr_Impulse My Favorite Arborist Climbing Ropes

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2021.09.17 22:04 zzcool anyone else thats starting to dislike gameplay and just want a good story

whenever i play a game i play it exclusively for the story, the gameplay comes next but it's a bonus i do side quests and other things in a game while i play the story as i like to go through the story as slow as possible explore the world the lore find text or whatever, but once the story ends so does the game, it feels hollow and finished like theres no point to continue like the world is frozen in time because you know theres nothing more left no matter what you do, and sometimes i just want to be finished with a game just to get to more story
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2021.09.17 22:04 Ryl0k3n Pepper came back!!!!!!

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2021.09.17 22:04 BaldHeadLex Jawsh

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2021.09.17 22:04 parms5150 Just need to grab my m4e1 lower from ffl jail on Monday and I'll be happy with my completed build. For now.

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2021.09.17 22:04 DanieIaLeon25 [selling] Write to my kik Daniela.leon25

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2021.09.17 22:04 AutoModerator @NBA2K: The issues present this morning on PS5/XBX (after the patch) are now resolved.

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2021.09.17 22:04 commitsacrifice watched the new upload and felt compelled to speak the truth

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2021.09.17 22:04 ConsumeAllChildren Nyoom

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2021.09.17 22:04 NesquikMilk (PPR) Who to drop for Higbee?

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2021.09.17 22:04 Contractwiz NY 2nd Department Character fitness update

Hi, just wanted to give a quick update.
Took 2020 October Exam, got results in Mid December. Submitted in Late January. Confirmed 2 days later.
Received a reply from 2nd Department about potential issue with past substance abuse in April. Signed HIPAA waiver form.
Received second reply from 2nd Department End of July directing me to Third party independent evaluation. Took a piss test and did mental health evaluation. No issues with either.
C&F interviewer contacted Early September. 10 min Zoom interview, got cross-examined, interview collaborated with past events etc.
Received confirmation a week after.
Virtual ceremony set for 9/22.
Hope this help. Took a total of 8 month, with some potential C&F issues.
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