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2021.09.17 22:39 tippiebear Twitch Employee Review

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2021.09.17 22:39 MightyVanguard Tiptoeing into the 'Jet Age' - an Avro Lancastrian (Airline variant of the Lancaster) with a pair of Armstrong-Siddeley Sapphire turbojet engines

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2021.09.17 22:39 Iron-Phoenix2307 System Basics

General overview:
The planet Altias is the 4th planet in the Kurio system. Kurio is a F-type star with the Hipparcos classification number of HIP 79672. Kurio is located in the Constellation of Scorpius and lies about 45 Light years from our Sol System. Kurio is 1.2 billion years old with Altias Being about 1 billion years old.
1.12 Solar Masses (SM)
Radius 1.06 SM
Surface temperature: 6200°K
Number of Planets: 10, (1 super earth, 4 Terrestrials, 2 gas giants, 2 ice giants, and 1 brown dwarf)
Names of Planets in order: Deia, Gias, Kerias, Altias, Zeria, Nua, Ari, Lumi, Strata, Sy.
Classification: Super Earth
Mass (E): 6.71
Orbital Radius: .093AU
Moons: 0
Rotational Period: 10.6 E-days
Orbital Period: 10.6 E-days
Basic Rundown: An ancient Hot Jupiter that has been striped of its atmosphere, with a crust of nearly pure carbon with sporadic diamond 'icebergs' discovery of this planet was challenging to say the least.
Classification: Hot Terrestrial
Mass (E): .46
Orbital Radius: .34 AU
Moons: 0
Rotational Period: 1.96 E-days
Orbital Period: 0.269 E-Years
Basic Rundown: The most accurate description would be a Hot super mars. very thin atmosphere, almost gone because of a lack of magnetic fields. Water poor, Silica Rich, Reddish grey in appearance.
Classification: Hot Terrestrial
Mass (E): 0.502
Orbital Radius: .85 AU
Moons: 1 (Phos)
Rotational Period: .5 E-Years
Orbital Period: 0.78 E-Years
Basic Rundown: The second best candidate for life in my system. Fairly warm, Arid planet. shallow seas of water, with a thick cloudy turbulent atmosphere, home to Supercains, unpleasant to human life but could travel there with some O2.
Classification: Warm Terrestrial
Mass (E): 0.979
Number of moons: 1 (Kyros)
Rotational Period (Earth Hours): 20
Orbital Period (Local Days): 524.1
Basic Rundown; One Altian year is 16 months long, with each month consisting of 4, 8 day weeks, and a day length of approx. 20 hours. Each year 12 days are added to the calendar usually at the end of the seasons (ie one year its in summer, next year its in fall, then winter, then spring.) every 10 years there is a leap year with an extra day added on to this 12 day special period.
Primary world, Lush Tropical zones, generally warmer than Earth with no ice present at the poles. higher O2 levels, populated by both native terrestrials and genetically modified organisms.
Classification: Cold Terrestrial
Mass (E): 1.16
Orbital Radius: 1.97 AU
Moons: 3 (Ikos, Inos, Iros)
Rotational Period: 14.8 E-Days.
Orbital Period: 2.39 E-Years
Basic Rundown: A snowball Earth, Higher surface gravity, icecaps extend to the equator, little to no exposed ground except for high mountains. know for beautiful Auroras, higher density atmosphere with high levels of Neon, and CO2 mean Bright Golden Aurora with splashes of Green, Blue, White and Red.
Classification: Gas Giant
Mass (J): .539
Orbital Radius: 5.56 AU
Major Moons: 4 (Nita, Reos, Rinus, Kyas)
Rotational Period: 10.7 Hrs
Orbital Period: 12.4 E-Years
Basic Rundown:
Classification: Gas Giant
Mass (J): 2.47
Orbital Radius: 10.4 AU
Major Moons: 5 (Pantira, Paxora, Lumi, Neo, Nexis)
Rotational Period: 15.7 Hrs
Orbital Period: 32.1E-Years
Basic Rundown:
Classification: Cold Terrestrial
Mass (E): .65
Orbital Radius: 15.4 AU
Moons: 0
Rotational Period: 12.5 E-Days
Orbital Period: 57.4 E-Years
Basic Rundown:
Classification: Ice Giant
Mass (J): 0.864
Orbital Radius: 28.5 AU
Major Moons: 3 (Tripca, Mesas, Exos)
Rotational Period: 21.7 Hrs
Orbital Period: 144 E-Years
Basic Rundown:
Classification: Brown Dwarf
Mass (J): 27.1
Orbital Radius: 58.3 AU
Major Moons: 1 (Orit)
Rotational Period: 11.5 Hrs
Orbital Period:
Basic Rundown: The World of Sy is a class L Brown Dwarf glowing with a slight magenta hue, however this is not the most exciting thing about this "planet", that title goes to its moon Orit. the world of Orit is one of almost complete darkness. yet even here life has taken hold. when the world of Altias was struck by an asteroid, the impact was so violent that material was catapulted out, hitting almost every planet in the Kuiros System, including the moon of Orit. The material ejected was so hot that only extremophiles were able to hitch a ride to this moon, leading to a very unique ecosystem with organisms that range from bioluminescent plants to animal species that see in the infrared.
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2021.09.17 22:39 El_Matt-El_Grande ITAP of the Lighthouse of Portofino, Italy

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2021.09.17 22:39 channerflinn [Online] [5e] [13$] [Friday 430 PM PST] Wander the Old Roads as Monster Hunters in the Dark Fantasy of Prati and the Age of Black!

**Host’s Name:** NoEyesZalgo#1547
**Paid Game:** 13$ per player per session
**TTRPG platform:** 5e
**Age Rating:** 18+
**Mature Content:** Horror focused GM, I tend to use mature violence and body horror along with darker themes.
**Beginner friendly:** Yes
**Requirements:** A functioning mic, 18+, an interest in the setting
**Time and Date:** Friday, 1130 PM UTC
**Homebrewed Character Creation Allowed:** Yes
**Homebrewed World/Monsters:** Yes
**Character Level:** 3
**# of sessions:** 54
**Run Time:** 4 Hours
**Number of Openings:** 2/6
**Story:** Age of the Black
**Age of Black**
Adventure across the countryside of Prati, a world built atop the sleeping giants of ancient myth. Play as a classic fantasy race in a traditional fantasy setting with unique twists on age-old ideas. After a catastrophic event where hell itself crept into the mundane world the world is scarred. The greatest empire in history fell to the Black Eclipse in five minutes, the rest of the world followed. No one has forgotten that deadly hour and demons still linger in the shadows with dark plans for mortalkind. Will you lead this new era of mortalkind or die in darkness?
I am an experienced DM with more than a decade of experience running long term campaigns. I have a list of settings, each with its own realized world to explore. They range from space horror, high fantasy, modern magic, and dark superheroes! I also offer custom settings made for you and your friends to adventure in. If you have ever felt like no setting really fits the picture in your mind I will create something that will!
Paid GM looking for up to 4 more players for a campaign. My rates are 13$ per player, per session. I know many systems including Genesys, Traveller, DnD 5th, Pathfinder, Mutants and Masterminds, along with a handful of other systems.
My list of settings is linked below.
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2021.09.17 22:39 CactusDesigner Subscribe na moj KANAL ako volite HUMOR

Bacite pogled na moj kanal, a moze i subskrajb. U pitanju je humor, bacite lajk na klip ako vam se svidi!
Moj Kanal!
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2021.09.17 22:39 sweylyn1 Does anyone know what this is?

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2021.09.17 22:39 glpa-s2 Cardio jobs

I am very passionate about cardio and my end goal is to become a cardiology pa but all places i am looking at now require experiences. Im a new grad and i was wondering if theres things i can do now or for next few years(bc i gave up on hope finding cardio job as a new grad i might just start with primary care) to prepare myself to become a better candidate for cardio specialty? I would appreciate any advices from cardio pas or even other sub specialty PAs. Is there any workshop/courses/seminars that i could attend while im working as a new grad first few years? Thank you!
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2021.09.17 22:39 dweitzel01 100T qual to champions

After that crazy 3 map battle. And winning to make it to top 4. looking at the champions points does 100T now qualify for champions if ENVY lose to SEN. I’m not quite sure how it all works so if anyone could explain it that would be great. But I think after winning that that match the get an extra 50 and that would put them 25 points above ENVY if they lose there map. Hopefully someone knows.
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2021.09.17 22:39 deadlyindedly When your board is full and you're waiting for the bubble to pop so you can keep playing.

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2021.09.17 22:39 absentmmoriae Are you ready to change your life? Join Griefers Anonymous Today!

Has your life taken a turn? Are you ashamed of the way you've been? Are you haunted by your career as a griefer? Fear not! With the creation of Griefers Anonymous, those of us who've formerly led lives of grief and poor gamer etiquette are being offered the chance to start anew! Being part of the first Griefer Rehabilitation program in the Red Dead community, you will be offered the chance to undertake a new and exciting journey as you learn to overcome your demons and become a kinder RDO player, starting today, and continuing tomorrow. Featuring a comprehensive 13 Steps to Enlightenment, we at Griefers Anonymous are here for you whenever you feel compelled to return to your griefing ways. Whether you wish to talk to people who will listen, run wagons, bounty hunt, or collect, fear not! Griefers Anonymous will always accept you, and strive to fulfill your needs.
PM me and take charge in your rehabilitation today! Your greatest Journey awaits.
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2021.09.17 22:39 GuessForGames Super Power 3 Announcement Trailer

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2021.09.17 22:39 Monic_maker Despite having such a great list of memorable songs, the OutKast discography ends on A Bad Note

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2021.09.17 22:39 foxygirl_13 dose my percing look ok

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2021.09.17 22:39 SpongeBlob14 Wait a sec we still have a chance

Apparently THQ Nordic had 42 games in development and 28 of them have yet to be revealed. Hopefully De Blob 3 is one of them.
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2021.09.17 22:39 HotOffTheEaselUK How does one ship snails?

I received mine in a pill box with bits of algae/green crap for food I assume- I’m wondering if that was humane? They seemed a bit stressed at first but I think most of them are alive but with slightly damaged shells. Most are moving around ok now. Not sure what to make of the whole experience.
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2021.09.17 22:39 Fedx0000 "We're posting Dounya's sexy ass pics in her channel on"

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2021.09.17 22:39 BroncoSquatch [Nuggets] OFFICIAL: Nuggets have signed F Petr Cornelie to a two-way contract.

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2021.09.17 22:39 GuessForGames Jagged Alliance 3 Announcement Trailer

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2021.09.17 22:39 Grisarcy Lets Play a game, state whats happening with a sentence xD

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2021.09.17 22:39 skiphunt He hoped to finally become… unborn. NFT

Well this is interesting. You can now #mint posts on #Cent as #NFTs - I just minted this #post #story called "Unborn" - 1/1 = $1000 :) #writing

He hoped to finally become… unborn. NFT
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2021.09.17 22:39 The--Inedible--Hulk Just finished Cold Steel 3. While I love the series, I think my biggest problem with Cold Steel so far... that they keep talking about Class VII like it's this complex, messy web of unbreakable bonds, but it never feels like an interconnected web. It feels like a bunch of spokes attached to a single central point, Rean Scharzer, and otherwise disconnected from each other.
Jusis was lucky enough to have a dynamic with both Machias and Millium, but that's about it; everybody else seems to only ever interact with Rean. Fie briefly had dynamics with both Emma and Laura, but both of those got dropped as early as Cold Steel I's fourth chapter, and never really came back. I don't mind Rean being at the center of Class VII, but that doesn't mean everything should have to go through him first like a middleman.
Some say it's because of the huge cast, but I don't think so. Class VII starts out with 9 members, gets bumped up to 11, then knocked back down to 10. That's really not much bigger than Sky's core cast of 8, and unlike Sky they're (almost) all present right from the start, theoretically giving them more opportunities to interact and develop relationships; indeed, it feels like the writers deliberately went out of their way to minimize non-Rean interactions as a conscious design choice.
It's especially bad between opposite-sex characters (again, excluding Jusis and Millium), and we all know why; they don't want to taint the precious harem; but even same-sex characters barely acknowledge each other. Do you remember any Gaius-Machias interactions off the top of your head? Or Alisa-Emma? Elliot-Jusis?
I thought maybe Cold Steel III would change things with the new Class VII, but somehow it's only worse; there's only five members, but now instead of hyperfixating on one of their fellow classmates they're only united by their hyperfixations on their teacher. Other than Kurt landing in Juna's boobs and Ash constantly goading the others into following Rean on missions, they never really feel like a team to me, just five disparate individuals who happen to have the same instructor.
I still love these games and I don't dislike Rean as a character, I just wish the writing around him was better and they were more willing to explore interesting relationships and character dynamics.
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2021.09.17 22:39 Justsomeotakuwastake Its Femboy Friday!!!!

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