ATER is coming back, boys! Thank you for sticking around!

2021.09.17 20:45 Ihaveterriblefriends ATER is coming back, boys! Thank you for sticking around!

We're doing great! Let's prepare to DECIMATE the all time high next week!
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2021.09.17 20:45 Just-Another-Bojack 9 months update. My heart is like "HA SO YOU THOUGHT.."

I'm not over shit ya'll. Grab a drink with me cause this shit bout to get reaaaaal.
I love this man and want him back and my heart doesn't seem to give a shit how long it has been nor how badly and roughly it ended and all the times we messed up and cut no contact. My heart does not seem to care about the fact that he probably seriously doesn't love me back and does not feel the same way. My heart whispers "My person. This is my person." to his stupid whatsapp picture whenever I save his number again for a few moments to look at it. Ya'll, this shit don't go away.
Oh? Get myself busy? HA. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BREATHE. I'm always busy. So much work. So many friends. I have moved to an entirely different city. I have hooked up with a bunch of people. I have been confessed to by multiple men. Dude walked up to me at a coffee shop and said "Excuse me, but you're a very pretty girl." I have had all the ego stroking I could get. Does my heart care? Nope. I want to see him all over that new city. I want him to come back and I want to go to all those new places WITH him. I want to touch his face again. I want him to message me RIGHT NOW. RIGHT THIS FUCKING INSTANCE.
I don't care if our interests differed. I don't care if he was a nihilist and I loved existentialism. I don't giva shit about shit. We were on the same wavelength regardless. He was my people. I felt it. I don't know if he did. He might not have. He was still tethered to his ex emotionally. She was probably his people and I wasn't. BUT MY HEART DOESN'T CARE. My heart doesn't care that this is reality and I was shut out. My heart doesn't care that people rarely ever change the way they feel. My heart doesn't care that it's highly unlikely that he'll suddenly realize he loved me as much as I loved him all along. My heart doesn't care that he probably isn't sitting there in regret. My heart doesn't care that the last time we talked I had promised him I wouldn't bother him anymore, meaning if he wanted to fix things he must reach out himself- and he hasn't. MY HEART DOES NOT CARE.
I LOVE YOU MARK WHAT THE SHIT. I LOVE YOU AND I DON'T CARE IF THERE ARE BETTER PEOPLE OUT THERE. I DON'T CARE HOW MANY TIMES I TELL ALL THOSE DOODS THAT I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING SERIOUS. I DO. I WANT SOMETHING SERIOUS WITH YOU. I WANT TO BE LIMITED BY YOU. I WANT TO BE YOUR PEOPLE. It's not that I don't want commitment. It's not that I'm afraid to love. It's that I love you. It's that I want to be committed to you. But they're not you. Nobody is you. I want your regular ass. I want your normal self. I want your lame jokes. I want your casual every day mundane character. I don't care whether you're special to the world or special objectively or the life of the party. You're what I want regardless. Fuck you for not wanting me damn. I will just live like this then, huh? Will I just walk this earth and mingle with other people and live my best life all while thinking to myself, "damn wasn't he cute when he did so and so"? Will I just live my best life with you always there in the shadows reminding me that it is not my best life unless you're in it?
What the shit dude. Just come back fuck the progress fuck it all. I'll make you some pasta. We'll put on some show. I'll kiss you forever.
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2021.09.17 20:45 Rebeccaxemily Personal Shopper Interview

I have a face-to-face interview tomorrow with Tesco for a personal shopper position. Does anyone remember any of the kind of questions they personally got asked? I like to prepare beforehand personally. Also, what kind of dress sense is appropriate?
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2021.09.17 20:45 johnrock001 Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List

Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List -
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2021.09.17 20:45 B3DDO3 Best SOC for emulation box

I would like to create a small box (console) solely for emulation. I have a 3d printer and would like to make my own console basically as a side project. I would like to play the Saturn and PSX generation back really so would like a SOC powerful enough to run almost all games from that gen as close to full speed as possible.
I know a lot of people like the RPi 4 however I have read that it isnt the best for Saturn Emulation.
I would like to make the console fairly small so what other SOC's do you guys recommend or has development improved now and the RPi is a viable option?
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2021.09.17 20:45 Dr_Harper Lonesome Woods - More Chapters - The special CPR scene

Previous Chapters

What's going on? Where am I?!


“Impressive place,” said Gabriel, looking around my new suite.
“Thanks,” I said, showing him around. “You know, it’s amazing how much bigger a space can feel when you don’t live with five high school students.”
He laughed. “I’m not quite sure how you survived that, actually.”
I reached out to hold his hands. “Something tells me you’ll make a much better roommate — even if it is just for one night.”
He raised his eyebrows. “Elliot, I’m not staying tonight…”
“What?” I said, backing away. “But you’re leaving tomorrow.”
“Precisely,” he said. “I can’t stay the night, because I know that you and I will end up…”
His cheeks went pink as his voice trailed off.
I leaned in and kissed him.
“Would that be such a bad thing?” I asked quietly.
“Yes…” he said, kissing me back. “I will not steal your first time, and then wake up to leave you in the morning. You deserve so much more than that.”
“You wouldn’t be stealing anything,” I said, rubbing my hand across the front of his rapidly tightening jeans. “At least let Rafael return the favor…”
He moaned and let out a shaky breath, but then pulled away.
“No, Elliot.” He shook his head. “I can’t. I won’t do it.”
My heart sank. Even though I knew he was just trying to protect me, I still felt that horrible pang of rejection.
“Why am I not enough for you?” I blurted out, unable to contain the unbearable storm of emotions raging in my chest.
Gabriel looked at me sadly and held his hand to my heart.
“Elliot, you are more than enough…” he said softly. “You are everything.”
“Then why can’t you stay?” I said, trying to blink back tears. “Why would you go to New York if I’m everything?”
I felt like I was reverting to some sort of child version of myself.
He brushed a finger along my eyes to dry the tears.
“Elliot you know my leaving is completely unrelated to you. There is nothing left for me in this town.”
“The school dropped their lawsuit!” I said desperately. “They lifted your ban from campus. You can bring back the museum!”
“But I don’t want that,” he said. “I want to do something that brings meaning and purpose to my life, much like the work you’ve found for yourself.”
I bit my lip and nodded.
“I know,” I said quietly. “Sorry. It’s just… I wish you would stay tonight. I promise I won’t make any more moves.”
He thought for a moment. “Very well.”
“Really?” My eyes lit up.
“Yes,” he said with a smile. “I can think of no better way to spend my last night in Lonesome Woods.”
I kissed him, and then pulled away. “Wait, we’re allowed to kiss right?”
He laughed and kissed me back. “Yes, please.”
We made out and rolled around on the bed for what felt like hours, slowly removing more and more clothes. Laying there in our underwear, I had no idea how we were supposed to stop ourselves from taking things further, but I definitely wasn’t going to initiate anything.
“So what will you do in New York?” I asked, resting my hand on his chest. “Another museum? The Museum of Modern… Death?”
He laughed and shook his head. “No… No more museums…”
“What the Lonesome Woods book you’re writing?” I said. “You could be a famous New York author!”
“No…” he said again. “I have grown tired of this town’s morbid history.”
“Then what will you do?” I asked.
“I don’t know…” he said. “Something less… gloomy. Maybe a flower shop? Or a bakery!”
That idea seemed to get him adorably excited, like a little kid.
“Bakery it is,” I said. “I’d love to come to the city some day and buy a cupcake from you.”
“Nothing would make me happier,” he said with a smile.
We laid there for a while, dreaming about Gabriel the baker and ignoring the clock at our side — but I knew our time together was running out.
“If I’m to stay the night, allow me a quick shower,” said Gabriel. “I’ve been moving heavy boxes all day, and I can’t imagine I’m very pleasant to lay with.”
I laughed. “You’re fine. But sure, go ahead.” I pointed to the bathroom. “The hot water takes a little while. And there’s a fresh towel by the sink.”
“Thank you.” He stood up from bed and leaned down to give me another kiss.
I watched from behind as his perfectly toned back and legs wandered into the bathroom. He left the door slightly ajar, and my heart raced when I saw his beautiful body in the mirror as he began to pull down his briefs.
I doubted that he knew I could see him in the mirror, so it took all of my willpower to avert my eyes out of respect.
While Gabriel showered, I thought about what he might look like in there, dripping in hot water without his underwear on. That mental image quickly brought my hands to my own boxer shorts.
For the next several minutes, I enjoyed myself to imaginary ideas of Gabriel, desperately hoping that they might become a reality later in the night.
When the shower turned off, I was so worked up that I couldn’t help myself.
I had to see. Just once.
So I peeked through the door as he stepped out of the shower, watching in exhilaration as his fully naked body turned to the mirror.
But when I saw his penis, my heart sank — arousal rapidly turning to dread.
There was nothing wrong with it.
It was perfect, just like every other part of him.
But it was crowned by a tuft of bright red hair.


Mary from New Orleans
Wha- Where am I? Wait….Why can’t I leave? Hello?! Can anyone hear me?


My mind raced as Gabriel dried off.
I had nothing against redheads — I loved redheads. But something about this was scaring the hell out of me. We had known each other for a while, and we shared everything with each other. Why would he neglect to mention something as innocuous as his natural hair color?
Images of Timothy’s red-haired stick figure flashed through my thoughts like cracks of lightning that only grew closer.
No… It wasn’t possible. Police had already verified the dental records of the boy from the grave. Timothy was dead.
Gabriel stepped out of the bathroom in his briefs and rejoined me in bed.
“Much better,” he said with a smile.
“Good.” I said, stilted.
“Now, where were we…?” He wrapped his arms around me. “That’s more like it.”
I laid there, unmoving.
“Is everything okay, Elliot?” He looked at me.
“Yes,” I said. “Sorry. While you were in the shower, I just started thinking.”
“About what?” He kissed my neck.
“Work stuff,” I said. It was sort of true.
“You did have quite the week,” he said, brushing my hair. “I’ve been meaning to ask, what ever came of Henrik Small? Does he have a trial set?”
The dread surging through my blood only got worse, screaming at me that something was horribly wrong.
“Not yet,” I said, trying to put my therapist hat on. “But whenever it comes, I think I’ll be testifying in his favor.”
Gabriel stopped kissing my neck. “In his favor?”
“Yes.” I nodded.
“But… Didn’t he hurt all those kids?”
“In a way,” I said. “But in a way, he didn’t. He was mentally ill. He didn’t even know what he was doing.”
“Well, he knew enough to kill his son and bury the body.” Gabriel’s voice was losing its usual calmness. “Is that really mental illness?”
“I think so,” I said, taking a deep breath. “In a way, I think Henrik was the victim in all this.”
Gabriel’s cheeks flushed and his jaw clenched.
“What a stupid thing to say.”
I raised my eyebrows, trying to continue playing naive. “What?”
“Sorry,” he said quickly and cleared his throat. “It’s just, how can he be a victim after what he did to all these people? If anything, he’s been exposed as a monster.”
“I don’t think so,” I said, trying to navigate this like a game of chess. “In our final moments together, Henrik told me about his son. It sounded like the boy was a dangerous delinquent.”
“LIAR!” Gabriel jumped on me and pinned me to the bed. “YOU’RE LYING!”
I looked up at him, trying to mask my fear.
His eyes were wild and fiery, and he pushed me harder into the mattress.
“How did you figure it out?” he demanded.
I blinked and tried to take a deep breath. We were done playing pretend.
“I saw your hair,” I said. “In the shower.”
He let out an angry sigh.
“Oh, Elliot…” He shook his head. “You’ve ruined everything.”
“I — I don’t get it,” I said, looking him straight in the eyes. “Why?”
Gabriel — or Timothy — thought for a moment, and then finally loosened his hold on me.
“My father… Tried… To KILL me.” His voice shook, and his eyes became red. “Twenty-five. FUCKING STRIKES!”
“Twenty-five?” I repeated. “Is that why you recruited twenty-five students to beat Oliver? To recreate your trauma on a similar looking boy?”
Gabriel scoffed. “Trauma? I did it for justice.”
“Justice?” I repeated again. “What justice is there in harming innocent students?”
“No one at that miserable school is innocent,” he hissed. “You should have seen what they did to me as a child. Drove fucking forks through my hand as a prank.”
Well, that explained another one of the incidents.
“But Gabriel… Oliver wasn’t even at the school back then.”
“THEY’RE ALL THE SAME!” Gabriel slammed his fist on the headboard. “EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.”
“Okay.” I nodded, not looking to trigger him further. “So where’s the justice?”
He stared at me, as if it should have been obvious.
“To do to my father what he did to me,” he said. “To destroy every last semblance of light and happiness in his life. To make him doubt everything about himself. To fill his every waking moment with shame and fear.”
I swallowed. “What he did to you was horrible.”
“Horrible doesn’t begin to describe it!” he roared. “He destroyed me! He left me a broken shell of a human. Death would have been better.”
I needed to distract him with something less emotionally charged.
“What about Christopher English?” I asked, working backwards. “Why sentence an old man to death?”
“CHRISTOPHER ENGLISH WAS A DISGUSTING PEDOPHILE!” he screamed. “He gained my trust and raped me — SEVEN TIMES!”
My heart sank. That explained the number seven.
“During the wall incident, the students said ‘seven times father’. What did Henrik have to do with that?”
“I told him what Christopher was doing to me,” said Gabriel, enraged. “He called me a lying whore. So I was Christopher’s victim… until I learned how to control him — until I learned how to control everyone.”
“How?” I asked.
“I recorded him raping me,” he said proudly. “I showed it to him and told him I would share it with his wife and daughter unless he did everything I demanded. From that moment on, Christopher English was my puppet. He helped me disappear. He gave me money to fix my face, after my father destroyed it with a bat. And he told you I was murdered… Directing you to the grave.”
“You wanted me to find that body,” I thought out loud. “So your father would be sent to prison.”
“Yes, Elliot.” He wrapped his hand around my throat, but he didn’t squeeze. “Christopher English taught me that I can control anybody with fear and shame.”
“And that’s how you got the students to do your bidding…” I said quietly, not wishing to provoke him. “Has it been you all along — the curse?”
“That’s right,” said Gabriel, tightening his grip. “Every single incident over the years — the murders, the disappearances, the fires, the collapses… Just slutty students afraid of being exposed. And it’s gotten a lot easier over the years with social media and phones.”
“But my friend traced the phone back to Henrik…” I said, trying to squirm my way out his hold.
“Henrik is a stupid old man who wouldn’t understand IP spoofing even if I explained it to him for the rest of his pathetic life.”
I held my tongue, since I was quite sure I wouldn’t understand it either.
“But there’s one thing that just doesn’t make sense…” I said. “They found your teeth in that grave.”
Gabriel stared down at me, eyes still in a frenzy.
Then he finally took his hand from my throat and stuck it inside his own mouth.
I watched with a mix of horror and disbelief as he removed a pair of dentures — revealing a mouth full of nothing but gums and tongue.
“Do you love me now, Rafael?” he said mockingly. “Do you still want me to stay with you? Do you still want to be my everything?”
“Stop…” I said, heart stinging at my words and feelings being ridiculed like this. “Please, Gabriel. I can help you process all this trauma—”
He leaned down into my face. “Are you trying to fix me, Elliot?”
“No!” I protested. “I just… I know you’re so tired of being alone, but you’re not alone anymore — I’m here. For you.”
“God, it’s no wonder everyone in your life leaves you,” snapped Gabriel — his gaping mouth inches from my own. “You’re desperate. Needy. Clingy. Annoying.”
“Stop!” I swallowed, no longer able to feign calmness. The words were driving through my heart like knives.
“Of course your father left!” he shouted. “You’re nothing but a pathetic nuisance with a burnt cock — irreversibly broken and defective.”
“STOP IT, GABRIEL!” I cried.
His eyes lit up with joy, feeding on my fear and shame.
“DO YOU LOVE ME NOW, RAFAEL?” he screeched again, looming closer to me as he opened his mouth wider.
It was like looking into a black hole of disease and suffering.
Then he locked the gaping hole of his mouth onto my mouth and nose, blocking both of my air passages.
“Mmf!” I flailed my arms and legs, but I was no match for his strength.
He pinned me down harder and suctioned his gums against the skin on my face, sucking harder and harder — like a reverse form of CPR.
I gasped for air, but none came.
I looked up at him pleadingly, but his eyes were filled with nothing but hatred for me — hatred for everyone in his life who had betrayed him, over and over again.
I tried to take one last breath, but Gabriel would not give it to me.
And soon, everything faded to black.


See you again next week! Or read the ending now :)
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2021.09.17 20:45 kelly_bell08 Triton U-Pass (Pronto)

So I added the u-pass to the Pronto app, but it says it has $0 stored value, is it suppose to say that? It does however say "Triton U-Pass Fall" under fares available, but I'm not sure if it's suppose to say $0 for stored value...
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2021.09.17 20:45 Psychological_Beat56 Covid

Anyone know the admin action for refusing the covid vaccine
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2021.09.17 20:45 that_one_guy-17 Can I get a ف in the chat for our boy Malang 😔

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2021.09.17 20:45 brooklyn99lol What if our verifiers won't reply back?

Title ^
I emailed a few verifiers from 2017 and 2019 and I haven't received a reply. Not sure what to do at this point
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