Now Timmy, would you please point to where the Golbater is on the diagram for the class?

2021.09.17 21:19 EATSHROOMZ Now Timmy, would you please point to where the Golbater is on the diagram for the class?

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2021.09.17 21:19 eszd Super interesante

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2021.09.17 21:19 CreedAngelus My different rune pages

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2021.09.17 21:19 MTRIFE Nearing the end of my trip. Any guitar stores or places of particular (guitar) interest I can check out?

Basically the title. I'd rather hear it from people that know firsthand than general Google results. I've actually visited here like 8 times but everytime I come I do the same things. I'm actually here now for the Tame Impala show that was on Wednesday and the last time I was here I wasn't playing guitar yet. Now that I am I imagine with the history of this city and the 60s they probably have some cool vintage or boutique stores or something like that. Appreciate any info
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2021.09.17 21:19 ganymede_boy Ahoy, Matey! Sunday be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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2021.09.17 21:19 jazzfairy How do I make myself more attracted to men who I do not find physically appealing?

Seems to be a general consensus on here that attractive men are not typically very nice people and/or are only interested in sex, and in my experience, that’s pretty true. I’ve tried dating men who I really like the personalities of but do not find physically attractive, but I just don’t want to interact with them sexually or kiss them. I’ve actually thrown up in my mouth before when some of these men have touched me. Is there any way to get past this?
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2021.09.17 21:19 dataved Ermor MA pretender, what do you think?

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2021.09.17 21:19 DropstoneTed Samsung earbud headphones turn you out
That's the message I'm getting from this. Chick is like "uhhh... you can have the boa. Can't put that back on the rack."
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2021.09.17 21:19 themisplay The Misplay Meta - Week of 9/9/21

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2021.09.17 21:19 aliciacary1 Hospital visitors- wanting big brother to meet baby first

I’m in the final stretched this pregnancy and trying to make plans around the hospital stay and postpartum. My parents will be watching my 4 year old while we are in the hospital. My hospital currently allows 2 visitors per day (my husband will be the first) and no children.
My son is SO excited to be a big brother and I feel like he should be the first family member to meet his brother, hear his name, etc. I mentioned this to my moms who is very upset that I am “excluding” her.
I hope to only stay at the hospital 24-48 hours so I thought it would be better to just have my parents meet us at our house when we go home so my son and parents could meet baby.
Has anyone done anything similar? Am I over thinking this and should just let my mom visit?
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2021.09.17 21:19 GoatsWithWigs Snoinkel

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2021.09.17 21:19 SnooDoodles7334 Have you ever had a dream that later became true if so what happened?

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2021.09.17 21:19 Embarrassed_Touch_99 [insert clever title to grab your attention here] 18m

Looking for somebody to ideally chat with daily, when I'm not chatting with anybody I tend to do stupid things that I regret moments later. Anybody wanna be friends?
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2021.09.17 21:19 Zewen_Senpai Lysithea von Ordelia [Fire Emblem: Three Houses]

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2021.09.17 21:19 afarabicattire Dubai Style Kaftan With Golden Hand Work - Moroccan Style Kaftan Dress M...

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2021.09.17 21:19 thepoopinggorilla I think I invested wrong

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2021.09.17 21:19 signor_gatto17 bottom text

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2021.09.17 21:19 AlexKingstonsGigolo Koine-to-English word list?

I hope everyone is having a great 2021 so far.
Is there a Koine-to-English word list I can use for reference? While I see a lot of apps, I would rather have a stand-alone list.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.17 21:19 Imfrank123 Put it in your pocket

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2021.09.17 21:19 mizzzzcatastrophe thoughts on the "great reset" and/or any possible scenarios that may wipe out humanity

my friend and i just talked about this a few minutes ago. we've encountered some contents in regard with people who "time travelled" around 2027 claiming they're "alone".
whenever they go from one place to another, there's no one but them.
even some high frequency ppl acknowledges this what they call the "great reset" and/or tribulations (that might happen around 2030). one astrologer from a group i'm in shared that "these people" claiming they're alone in a certain dimension might actually be in a "parallel universe" instead (if the year's 2027).
i would like to know your insights about this one.
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2021.09.17 21:19 mikogulu derpslate

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2021.09.17 21:19 rcbrxwn Telling a supervisor to take this job and shove it is one of the best feelings

I had a pretty high paying job for a major corporation here in Austin. Everybody was friendly and I thought I might actually stick this one out. Within the second week they started piling on a bunch of tasks that weren’t in my job description. Sorting Mail, calling dealerships and typing in 300 documents a day. I’m a hard worker and I thought I’ll just grind through it. Then came up something I couldn’t let slide. I asked for 3 days off Christmas week since we were already getting half the week off, months in advance. Told my direct supervisor that I’ll be visiting family my aunts health wasn’t well and I hadn’t seen my father in 5 years. She abruptly said no we might be busy then.
What she didn’t know about me is I don’t ask permission to get time off I’m just letting you know I won’t be in. I told her well I’m taking the time off if you need to write me up. She said no this would be a no call no show and you would be terminated. I said ok then I’m going to put my two weeks notice in. Scrambling she goes “Wait let me talk to my supervisor.” She calls me back in with my manager and tried to convince me to show up to work. The manager tells a story about one time he wanted time off he hadn’t seen his father in a few months and he chose to come to work. Mind you his father lives in town. I told him flat out well I haven’t seen my father in 5 years so I don’t know what your trying to compare.
They looked at each like wtf and asked me to go back to my desk. By the end of the day the main supervisor asked me into her office to tell me there’s nothing we can do. I said no worries here’s my 2 weeks notice and the look on her was like she wanted to kill me. The following two weeks she wouldn’t even look at me they kept hiring my replacements and they would quit after a day or two. My final day my co workers were so nice. I came to find out the manager that was giving me a hard time, had just put in a notice to take that week off to go on a skiing trip in Aspen and of course it was approved. I went to California with my gf at the time now wife and had a great time.
The kicker of the story that makes me smile every time I think about it. When I got back home I ordered UberEats for the night and guess who delivered the food that same supervisor. She shows up to the door and the look on her face is etched in my head. Oh shit! She says “How was California?” I tell her “It was great we went to Disneyland, Universal, the beach it was amazing. Can I get my food now?” She hands it over and all I say is have a blessed life as I shut the door. I learned a big lesson that day be mindful of how you treat people because you never know when you will run into them again.
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2021.09.17 21:19 DoodBrodiaBot No More Heroes 3! Kimmy Love - YoVideogames

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2021.09.17 21:19 Mandrake_m2 I hate to see people leave projects the moment they receive their rewards…

The reason behind it is simply, greed. That’s just how most humans are. As soon as they get the rewards they wanted from the project, they leave and start searching for another quick buck.
The root of this problem is shared by the project as well. The way rewards are offered nowadays make projects prone to pumps and dumps. I actually read about it in an article about DaFi Protocol. See what DaFi does is create a 1:1 synthetics token where rewards are offered based on adoption. So the more people join and adopt the more rewards will start being offered for everyone equally. This will end up incentivizing people to join and actually stay to see the project succeed. It’s a very interesting formula in my opinion and if more projects follow suit it would be very helpful for them
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2021.09.17 21:19 Ayrat555 new logo?

I use org-mode for a couple of years already. And it's a great productivity tool. The only disappointment for me is its logo. It looks like a bad drawing from a child.
I don't think it would be hard to find someone willing to design a logo. I know the important part is the tool itself but still, a good logo will bring more people to org-mode (and emacs in general).
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